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===[Task]=== Add Mahout to Mauryan worker elephant

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As noted here:

the mauryan worker elephant needs a mahout (some person sitting on it and controlling it).
If this is done it also can get back its ability to help on building structures.

Corresponding ticket on trac: #6091

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17 hours ago, av93 said:

Could be also a person walking by side (easier to spot)

I guess that would be quite difficult to implement. (imagine the elephant turns and the mahout just slides in an arc along the ground)

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17 hours ago, Sundiata said:

@Alexandermb if you're internet connection and schedule allows it, I think this is a job for you :P 

(we miss you :( )

I'll see if I can contact him, but according to what Mr. Stan told me, he has to make a few small arrangements to many things he added in this Alpha.


Exactly what is it intended to do with this mounted character? Is Animation required in this one?

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With the new alpha 24 release, I can download it and work with it at least for testing purposes. I'm using a neighbor connection, thought is shared between 3 houses and the connection sometimes get very awfully. 


Besides working more than 8 hours pero day.


At least with the work I've managed to buy my laptop another 4gb ram and managed to get stable blender working environment with 8gb and also a keyboard and not messing around my laptop keyboard.




Sometimes in the night I read the forum but can't answer when the signal is poor. :P ( literallly the page never load the reply box). Hope continue working soon. 


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