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  1. I used formations.js and commands.js as-is and I still get the original issue (incorrect flag when first formed, correct flag chosen thereafter), and the error code: ERROR: Error in timer on entity 10888, IID105, function TimerHandler: TypeError: cmpFormationUnitAI.GetTargetPositions()[0] is undefined Formation.prototype.MoveMembersIntoFormation@simulation/components/Formation.js:534:61 Timer@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:1011:19 FSM.prototype.ProcessMessage@globalscripts/FSM.js:265:17 UnitAI.prototype.TimerHandler@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:4210:15 Timer.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/components/Timer.js:139:44
  2. I thought he was talking about the wording rather than the font.
  3. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/Commands.js line 1858 SetGlobal "GetFormationRequirements" called multiple times @simulation/components/Commands.js:1858:8 launchGame@gui/gamesettings/GameSettings.js:128:11 launchGame@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:273:18 onPress@gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/Panels/Buttons/StartGameButton.js:60:52
  4. I am also using just those lines of code that you added/changed in the js files, and not the entire file. Mods can do this by using a suffix to the file name (in my case, "_DE") without having to maintain the entire file (some of the component files are quite large). I will try by using the entire files and see if that fixes things?
  5. It can easily be translated to "Rise of Empires" or "Empires Rising" if necessary.
  6. The logo is already not translated. Unless that's not what you're saying?
  7. Bold, clean, regal^ Also, a great place for mods to put their names.
  8. I do not believe there is currently someone looking at the AI code.
  9. Thank you for this. There's 1 issue: The first time the formation is created, it chooses a variation randomly, but when choosing a different formation with those same troops it chooses the correct one. Also, this error when playing a game. Happens when formationed units temporarily disband the formation when constructing or grabbing a treasure and then reform the formation afterward:
  10. Won't work with a single actor with civ variants inside (as shown in the op). Tried it with civ-specific actors and making new formations for Athen, as a test. That all works fine, until I realize all the hacking I'll have to do: A flag actor for every civ (had to do that anyway, no problem). Redundant formations for every civ, so that the civ-specific flag actors show up. errr Making sure those formations show up correctly for each unit. So, use a mixin for each civ to pull the right civ-specific formations, then edit the parent template lines of every unit to grab the civ-specific mixin. Editing each civ.json file to list the right civ-specific formations. Then try to fix the very common edge case where you have mercenaries that aren't of the player's civ. Redundant formation icons could show up in the formation UI panel. No idea how to prevent this. If it wasn't for this last bullet, I would proceed, but... All of the above is an inelegant hack. More elegant is to edit Formations.js so that formations take the civ of the player, so we can just use 1 actor as originally planned (similar to how rally points use the waypoint flag actor with civ variants inside it). I don't see that happening unless the base game wants to add these too.
  11. Standards appearing over battalions looks really nice and do help with gameplay. Now, I wonder how to make them civ-specific. I tried using the waypoint/rally point flag hack in the actor, which names variants based on civ codes ("athen", "spart", "cart", etc.). It works for the waypoint actor (obviously), but not for my formation standard actor. In the above screenshot, you see that the standards pick random variants instead of the civ-specific one. Both flags should be the "athen" variant, but they are not. Also, a new flag variant is chosen each time the formation is created. Here is the waypoint flag code, which works: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <float/> <group> <variant frequency="100"> <animations> <animation file="mechanical/waypoint_flag_idle.dae" name="Idle" speed="30"/> </animations> <mesh>props/waypoint_flag.dae</mesh> </variant> </group> <group> <variant name="hele"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_greek.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="pers"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_persian.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="celt"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_celt.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="cart"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_carthage.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="iber"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_iberians.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="scyth"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_scythians.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="xion"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_scythians.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="rome"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_romans.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="imp"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_romans.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="spart"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_spartans.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="mace"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_macedonians.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="athen"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_greek.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="brit"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_celt.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="gaul"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_celt.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="maur"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_mauryas.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="ptol"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_ptolemies.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="sele"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_seleucids.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="theb"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_thebans.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="epir"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_epirotes.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="han"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_chinese.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="kush"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_kushites.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="noba"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_kushites.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="sueb"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_germans.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="goth"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_norse.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> <variant name="zapo"> <textures> <texture file="props/banner_maya.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> </group> <material>basic_trans.xml</material> </actor> Here is the Standard code, which does not work: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <float/> <group> <variant frequency="100"> <mesh>props/standards/formation_pole.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="props/kart_standard.png" name="baseTex"/> <texture file="props/kart_standard_norm.png" name="normTex"/> <texture file="props/kart_standard_spec.png" name="specTex"/> </textures> </variant> </group> <group> <variant name="athen"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/standards/formation_flag_athen.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="cart"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/standards/formation_flag_cart.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="spart"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/standards/formation_flag_spart.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> </group> <material>no_trans_parallax_spec.xml</material> </actor> formation_flag_athen: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant> <mesh>props/standards/formation_flag.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="props/standards/athen_infantry_1.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> </group> <material>player_trans.xml</material> </actor>
  12. Venetians? Tang would be good. Can use the old Han Fortress (Stan is building a new one for the Han, with a different design). An Indian faction from this period would be nice.
  13. It's getting there! The AO maps are definitely important to making the structures look complete. You've definitely pushed the mod forward a lot! I look forward to seeing how far you push it!
  14. The AI doesn't play all of the core game's features yet either. But yeah, probably not until the core game's ai is extended quite a bit more. It needs to be made more agnostic about territory restrictions and such things. Also, it needs to know when it can upgrade towers and things like that. Those changes would just help the ai in general, not specifically for DE (though they would help DE too). Specifically for DE, the territory agnosticism would help for nomadic civs, like the Scythians, Huns, and Xiongnu. Currently, the AI has no clue how to play a civ without territory; it would also help with placing farmsteads and storehouses in neutral territory. Another one specific to DE is the hero selection at the beginning. The AI doesn't know to choose one of the hero techs to unlock the hero and get those boosts.
  15. Make sure if a structure actor uses a material with "ao" in it, that you specify an AO map in that same actor, else choose a different material. Example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant name="civic_center"> <mesh>structural/Byza_CC_revamp.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="structural/byza_texture_C.png" name="baseTex"/> <texture file="structural/byza_texture_C_NRM.png" name="normTex"/> </textures> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/decals/dirt_7x7.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> </group> <group> <variant frequency="1" name="alive"/> <variant name="death"> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/decals/dirt_7x7.xml" attachpoint="root"/> <prop actor="particle/destruction_smoke_med.xml" attachpoint="root"/> <prop actor="particle/destruction_dust_med.xml" attachpoint="root"/> <prop actor="particle/destruction_dust_med.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> </group> <material>player_trans_ao_parallax.xml</material> </actor> The <material> here asks for an ao map, but one is not specified in the textures. I looked in the textures\skins\structural\ao folder, and there are a couple byza textures there to choose from.
  16. Well, WFG is in violation of the Geneva Convention. See you in jail.
  17. The difference was for gameplay variety. I actually recommend the game switch to 10 and 15 houses. (100w and 150w respectively)
  18. Answer to the last question is because the game's art has accrued over the past 15 years with the input of over 30 artists.
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