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  1. Just curious what the function of the stones on the roof are.
  2. Look to Archimedes and his inventions. Perhaps Mathematics, Ballistics, make Archimedes' Screw a tech instead of a bonus. Also, Syracuse was big on using mercenaries, so there's an avenue for you to explore techs (Mercenary Captains is an idea). Syracuse was first to use the Gastraphetes, so a bonus (trainable 1 phase earlier) or tech there. And feel free to crib ideas from Delenda Est.
  3. <Icon>units/hele_support_{phenotype}_citizen.png</Icon> I had no idea <Icon> supported {phenotype}! Nice.
  4. How did you get the Peasants to have male and female actors, but each gender have their own portrait?
  5. I've been messing around with it. Some neat concepts here. I hope you don't mind me stealing the Vineyards (aka "Cash Crops") for Delenda Est (as a way to "gather" coin in that mod, a resource which is usually attained passively). I had some trouble understanding Manpower in-game. Perhaps tweak the resource tooltips to say what each one is primarily used for. The tooltip for Manpower can tell the player how to acquire it and what it's used for. I really like the government centers. Hero barracks, essentially. I like any way to depict more culture. The visual upgrades to the Civi
  6. This right here is kind of shocking to me from a countering perspective. That the spear cav should take that much damage from a skirmisher.
  7. Reduce ranged cav attack range so that ranged footmen can out-range them.
  8. If we had scout units, then Skiritai could be their scout with a buffed hunting ability.
  9. Bronze is metal. A metal alloy to be exact. You can't "mine" bronze. It's made of copper and tin. What could be done instead is just replace the iron anvil icons for metal with copper-ish ingots. This would hint at copper/bronze but keep the name generic enough to cover all metals used in the period.
  10. Maiden Guards instead of Poison Maidens. Done.
  11. Have you pulled changes from the repo lately? Those look like errors I fixed a week or 2 ago.
  12. I'd like to keep the giant canopy Acacia, because it's so cool and Acacias can get that large. But I have 2 possible solutions to the gameplay problem you mention. 1. Reduce the frequency of this variation in the actor, perhaps by 5 (the "giant" acacia variant will show up 5 times less than it does now). 2. Make the giant acacia variant into its own template, so that it can be used sparingly as a decorative option (but gatherable, perhaps with a little more wood).
  13. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/25789 "This removes the fancy mainland biome switch because it was the only map to do that and we lack the tools to automate it." Wow looks at all the brute force work he's done without the benefit of automating anything because he is dumb at writing scripts...
  14. I like this^ as another option. Perhaps call it "adaptive shadow quality." My experience playing with this feature is kind of odd. If I turn off "Cover whole map" and set the slider Cutoff distance to 1500 and shadows get really blurry. But if I turn on Cover the whole map (covering the whole map should stretch the texture really far?), the shadows sharpen up again. I play with Cover the whole map anyway, so it's no big deal, just relating the behavior.
  15. Ultimate solution would be to add move-attack (attack while moving; sword cav swings his sword while his horse is still chasing), but that may be one of those features no one knows how to implement.
  16. Are things too far along to make resource distribution improvements to Mainland? @wraitii @Stan`
  17. Rumor is 90+ gigabytes disk space required. Seems really excessive to me, but we will see what kind of content they pack into this baby. I'll be really pissed if gigs and gigs of that content requires microtransactions or expansion pack purchases to "unlock."
  18. Yaunā is a cool name. I dig it. Yangtze would have been perfect in other circumstances (if the Han had been committed), but Yaunā is pretty cool regardless.
  19. Everyone does this as a part of their free time. Get things done when you are able. All effort is appreciated. If I win $200MM in next week's Powerball, I pledge to put you all onto payroll.
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