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  1. I personally don't like long research times, but longer than the standard 40 seconds would be good. In DE, upgrading ranks adds extra cost to most of the units, so I for sure agree with that element. Perhaps additional train time would be enough. We could "self balance" Blacksmith techs by making them a little cheaper but add extra cost to the soldiers they affect. I think the Elite upgrades would be reserved for those units that civ is known for. Hoplites for Greek civs, Archers or Cavalry for Persians, Swordsmen for Romans, etc.
  2. Yeah, I would make it relatively easy to rank up to Advanced, but 2-3 times harder to rank up to Elite. Or just make auto-ranking hard to do all-around, but add Promotion techs that players have to research and buy.
  3. This is overblown. One's suitability to join the army on campaign was often predicated on economic status and age. Middle class Greeks and Romans did serve in the infantry, but lower peasants and those too young and too old often did not. A certain number of upper class citizens had to provide cavalry for the army, but those were often the sons of the landowners and serving in the cavalry could be avoided by being willing to supply additional horses. Often a campaign did not necessitate a "full call-up" of available manpower either. Full call-ups usually only occured during times of severe national emergency or siege. Athens could only field 10,000 hoplites from a population of 30,000 citizens and 100,000 non-citizens for the "national emergency" Marathon campaign. And Gauls had a warrior class, separate from the peasantry.
  4. Hey guys. My mod was never intended to be woke, progressive, or to "right historical wrongs," or to reduce female representation, remove/promote misogyny/misandry, or anything pro/con politically or socially. I just felt it made more sense to have male and female variants of civilian citizens, aka "villagers." That's pretty much the extent. I think it also just looks cooler to have male and female villagers working side-by-side.
  5. Well, male gatherers make more sense, historically, than female soldiers. True, but then that would then be turned into the Citizen Rush. Agreed there. I would just merge the two-gender citizen mod into the base game, so you don't have to install a mod.
  6. There is no such thing as a "perfectly healthy man." Every single human being has a laundry list of risk factors permeating their bodies and lives. Did you verify the health status of all if these 0.004% dead vaccinated people prior to their demise? Did you survey the causes and circumstances of death for these 3 thousand people?
  7. I think they are a step up from ours though. They look a lot denser and I like how the farmer moves around and harvests the grain and new green stalks grow in place.
  8. Clicky -> https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/0-A.D.-Alpha-24---Two-Gendered-Citizens
  9. Lol, correlation is not causation. Did you know 100% of vaccinated Americans will die? You're also claiming a 0.004% "death rate" from a vaccine that prevents infection from a virus that kills between 1% and 3% and leaves 10+% of survivors with long term adverse effects (I am one of these survivors; autoimmune symptoms).
  10. I would think of it as a high risk-high reward suicide unit. Target them correctly and you could deal a strong blow against the enemy fleet. If the enemy player is nimble enough, they might be able to mitigate the incoming damage with focus fire or maneuvering.
  11. I've implemented just such a tech in DE, which becomes available when you choose Lysander at the start. For now it just reduces warship build time by 50%.
  12. I could even see a "target cone" that shows you the direction it'll head in and indicate who it may target.
  13. Question. In DE, if I were to add a Lusitanian merc for the Iberians, what class of soldier would be the most iconic to use?
  14. Similar to Epigamia for Seleucids, Spartans could have a "Persian Patronage" tech that spawns X number of Triremes.
  15. Lysander in A26 confirmed! loljk Lysander could be a good hero for Sparta. He would give a naval bonus to Sparta so they could compete well on water maps.
  16. Now slated for immediate inclusion in Delenda Est. Thank you.
  17. Yeah, many of the models are fine. Redoing the UV map with new textures, but keeping much of the old model work, could work nicely.
  18. I'm curious about the economic bonus applied to the pyramids. What's the historical justification here? Or even what's the non-historical justification?
  19. I think that's what they're shooting for, but I think the style misses the mark. With every icon using the same 2 colors (black and yellow), any "clarity" achieved with the simplified shapes is made moot by the new lack of distinction. Players need icons and buttons to be distinct at a glance. AOEIV's and other games icons don't have this.
  20. I think he wants to remake the building models. If so, then this would be the perfect time to make new textures.
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