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  1. Literally all ww have to do is use the elephant archer mahout actor for the rider.
  2. The stats of all units and structures in DE have very little in common with EA (the base game). A24's rebalancing had no effect on DE. Delenda Est's civs are very unique from each other and play a lot different from A24. A big change you'll notice right off the bat is the hero selection screen when you launch a game. Most civs give the player a choice of which hero to have for the entire match. These heroes have a large effect on the game with auras, bonuses, and special technologies. Some heroes even change the unit composition of the civ. For instance, as a Spartan player choosing Leon
  3. Luckily, Roman heroes in Delenda Est use @Alexandermb's awesome Attic helmets. The old "Imperial Attic" helmet models were very out of date.
  4. Hey looking great so far! The plants look good. Don't listen to Carltonus. Wonders should be the most eyecandied objects in the game. I don't think this one is overkill. I would use a different statue on the side, instead of reusing the Roman ones. I think the game needs a lot more statuary in general.
  5. The default action is slaughter so instead of capturing the sheep the unit will just kill it instead. At least, that's what happened when I first tried to make it work many moons ago. Perhaps changes since then have made it possible.
  6. It is now possible, I just haven't yet. We need to be able to capture gaia animals though for the complete experience.
  7. I'm going to bow out of this topic if we're going to get into the weeds here. Good luck to y'all.
  8. Honestly, as I play DE I don't ever think about how "silly" it is for the scouts to have a dagger. For me, gameplay takes over and their recognizability as a scout is more important. So, them using a bow will always look like a basic horse archer rather than a scout. EA doesn't have to do it like DE though.
  9. My reason was as Thorfinn says below: Essentially, no other unit uses a dagger as their primary weapon, and since the scout is the weakest military unit a dagger seemed appropriate. I understand it's now the best tool for their job, but for recognizability it made sense. Them using a bow for hunting could work though if we ever got dual attacks implemented.
  10. To me it's kind of a stand in for foraging, which is otherwise difficult to depict (treasures kind of help here, which scouts are also good at finding).
  11. Oh, young people. Not old people like me. *runs and cries*
  12. Oh, I see. Odd. So the 2 significant digits are currently hard-coded for sliders.
  13. I don't understand. The materials slider outputs round values right?
  14. Still a bigger sample size than 2 guys arguing on the Internet.
  15. A max number slider could be cool. I wish they would sink or something instead of just blinking out of existence though.
  16. Some template changes after A24 released makes the templates not appear, so you wouldn't be able to see your shader changes on buildings and units and such. I'll just let you know when the terrains repo is up.
  17. Okay, so DE is currently incompatible with SVN (I am currently working on bundling the mod for A24), but this won't be a problem for you if you are willing to revert your local copy to r24938 (this shouldn't affect your shader work as far as I know). If you do that, then you can clone the mod from here: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est
  18. Until the git repo is up and running I can provide you with screenshots or videos of anything you need for your critique or adjustment. Are you using the SVN version of the game or Alpha 24? You may be able to download and run my gameplay mod "Delenda Est" which includes all the new terrains I have created so far.
  19. Here are DE's scout actors: I gave them simple daggers. They aren't based on any specific references, just made them look like basic units of their own culture, so if y'all want to improve that aspect go ahead.
  20. RE: Corral My ideas about capturing sheep/goats/cattle and garrisoning them into corrals for food trickle could add another dimension to early game.
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