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  1. I kind of considered their Military Colonies to already be a bonus (one that they share, as Successor Kingdoms, with the Ptolemies; a bonus that ties them together conceptually). Perhaps the Seleucids have the ability to upgrade their Military Colonies to full-fledged Civic Centers? So, you can keep the merc training aspect of the Military Colony and accept the lower territory effect and less health of the structure, or you can choose to upgrade it to the Civic Center and get the extra health and territory, but lose the merc training aspect.
  2. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4729 Patch will appear here shortly^
  3. Vancouver Island is part of North America, right? Japan is a part of Asia.
  4. If it's added to the game that dropsites are buildable in neutral territory, it then becomes a fundamental feature of the game.
  5. Cool. It wouldn't be too strong if it started from the beginning? Figured it would be.
  6. @chrstgtr @LetswaveaBook @borg-@real_tabasco_sauce Macedonian team bonus ideas: Mechanical Innovation Player and allies' Siege Weapons and Arsenals -25% build time and cost. Easy to implement. or Standardized Currency Allies gain a free +1 metal/second resource trickle from each of their Markets. A little more involved to implement, but doesn't need any new component code. or both (can nerf them both a little)
  7. I have no strong opinion on the subject. It can be "reworked" as @Langbart wishes.
  8. In a hypothetical RTS I designed many years ago I came up with the idea that once you hit a certain military size you could challenge your enemy to battle and you'd pick a spot on the map that then gets set up like a Total War battle map, with two end zones where you each can assemble s certain amount of your troops. In the middle of the playing field there'd be a capturable flag or Tropaion. At the appointed time the end zones turn off and whomever holds the Tropaion after a certain amount of time wins the battle and gains a large number of benefits. The losing player can choose to forfeit the battle at any time so that they can save their troops from death, but doing so carries a penalty. In this game, troops are relatively expensive (compared to 0 a.d.). Such a pitched battle might only happen once or twice in a match, and would be a good way to end a stalemate. In this game, msssacring an enemy town isn't exactly the goal, but rather their surrender.
  9. I can whip up an "Administrative King" actor very quickly.
  10. Or you can train each Spartan king twice instead of once.
  11. The 2 hero thing is possible, it's just odd to have Leonidas and Agis III acting as the two "kings." It'd work better if heroes were genericized.
  12. The consensus is to change the Persian wonder to the Throne Hall of Darius (the "Apadana"). We'd change the current "Apadana" structure to the "Tachara" (Winter Palace). We can then use the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, et al. for a new Capture the Wonder game type.
  13. I was thinking this could be a feature for the Ptolemies. Choose either the Temple of Edfu or the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
  14. Well, a counterexample is Age of Mythology, with 3 (then 4, and then 5) very unique civs, which was well-received and has a dedicated fanbase to this day. Also, what is a "wild" new change differs from person to person. My Spartan Woman/Helot idea doesn't even add any new features. What to you or me is a "change" is simply a "fact of life" for any new players of the game. And make no mistake, as the game's reach hopefully grows, there will be more of them than us.
  15. Aristotle was a cultural chauvinist, of course. All it would have taken for the "East" to have conquered Greece would have been a few well-timed or random arrows impacting the right people or a few of the right characters dying in childhood of some horrible childhood illness.
  16. Sparta was not autocratic, because absolute power was not given to the Spartan kings. The government can be said to be a constitutional dual-monarchy, while the state could be a military-fascist state. I do agree Sparta is difficult to pin down with modern political terminology. Well, yes. Almost a tautology. But you were speaking about Mussolini and Hitler (fascism/Nazism).
  17. Same tree and map, same session. Shadows set to Very High. Yes, there is a mod installed in screenshots, but it is only a civ mod (Mayas protoclassic). Issue happens on clean EA as well. system_info.txt user.cfg matchsettings.json
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