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  1. While all of that may be true, I personally don't see the need to depict sexual dimorphism in an RTS game. We're not building an anthropology simulator after all.
  2. I think regeneration of resources would work well for groves/forests. Just have it by default, no need for a tech (you don't own trees, they're Gaia). About ambushing, yeah, I think it could be a bonus for some civs to be able to "garrison" units or battalions into groves and then they woukd attack any enemies battalions that march through, with a temporary "surprise" bonus.
  3. Perhaps a new kind of aura or range type: "edge distance." "Radius" to me implies a center point. I noticed the incongruity playing DE and I saw the "Underbrush" aura affecting units outside the radii of the Forest Groves. The aura is intended to only affect units passing within the Grove. With the current aura range issue, it would seem I have to set the radius of the aura range to 0 so that it matches the edge of the footprint? Again, the definition of radius causes confusion of its actual effect.
  4. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/Fogging.js line 113 cmpMirageVisualActor.RecomputeActorName is not a function Fogging.prototype.LoadMirage@simulation/components/Fogging.js:113:2 Fogging.prototype.OnVisibilityChanged@simulation/components/Fogging.js:228:3
  5. I believe the latest range changes have possibly messed up aura ranges. Ranged Auras "radius" now extend from edges instead of from the center as a radius should.
  6. Yeah, they are properly monstrous now, but not grotesquely so. Driver leg position may need to be adjusted a little bit, or their driver prop point moved upward a touch.
  7. For stupid people like me, can you list some pros and cons to these improvements?
  8. It's an Alpha. I know I'm in a Stark minority here, but shouldn't detailed balancing wait for Beta releases when the game is deemed feature complete? Or does alpha and beta or any of that mean nothing to the development of 0 a.d. hmm
  9. I can't wait... I can't express how much this pains me.
  10. So, as the mod gets bigger it gets harder to do everything myself. As I've been working on the hero features, I've had the idea to rebalance the tech costs of the game as well. But this in itself is a large task and the hero features aren't done. Here's what I'd like to do: All techs (besides Phase techs and other techs listed below) will cost an amount of Glory, plus 1 more resource. Village Techs: 50 Glory Town Techs: 100 Glory City Techs: 200 Glory Empire Techs: 400 Glory Then by building type, the "other" resources are these: Civic Center: Food or
  11. Can we get a training HUD like the tech HUD we already have? Same functionality as the tech HUD.
  12. This mod should be folded into the main game.
  13. Need a fox cap and those pointy Scythian-style caps too. A simple modeling task I'd think.
  14. Great for battalions (especially for depicting squadron leaders, flank guards and the like). HINT HINT HINT HINT
  15. Funnily enough, the original sarissa length was about the length of the current hoplite spears (and the hoplite spears were shorter too). 4 sizes is okay, since weapons in general are pretty low poly and use no transparency, though for gameplay visual purposes it would look kind of odd to have 10 meters of spear sticking through target units, which is why the original sarissa was so short. We need the "pinning" factor in the game that Rome Total War had with its pike units. In that game, enemy soldiers would get "hung up" on the heads of the pikes and would have to work their way down the shaf
  16. For playability, you have to compromise realism on the map. But you can hide those compromises if you're a good mapper.
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