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  1. This guy calls 0 A.D. a strategic masterpiece, so let's give him/her some views and likes!
  2. It would be cool if some made videos like this, but using 0 A.D. in-game footage!
  3. Historically, nearly every civilization had those troop types. Nothing more common than a dude with a spear, a dude throwing a rock or javelin, and a guy on horseback doing the same.
  4. I like this. Perhaps a tool like this could ship with 0 a.d.
  5. Sparta did indeed remove Athenian democracy and install 30 tyrants to rule the city. Only later was democracy reinstated by... the Athenians themselves.
  6. Attack-Move had worked previously with formations, I am quite sure. Capturing with formations is also bugged. Sometimes they just stand there. As you indicated, gathering is bugged too. None of this was bugged in A23 was it? Just be prepared for the complaints after release, as none of this behavior will be expected by players. I personally don't much mind, since I play svn and get fixes right away.
  7. I think it makes plain to you what has always happened, in that if you have to retask a trade route, the dollar amount is always reset anyway.
  8. Trying to make a wooden bridge decal (much more flexible than using terrain textures), but it renders this black square under it. Any ideas?
  9. Tragedy at home, Giuseppe falls from the balcony and dies at 29 The young man died instantly. The dynamics of what happened are still investigated By Editorial Staff - February 27, 2019 POMIGLIANO D'ARCO - Tragedy in Pomigliano, Giuseppe Tranchese, 29, loses his life after falling from the balcony of his house. A flight of about 16 meters cut off the life of Giuseppe, the young man, after the impact, died instantly. Nothing to do for the 118 doctors who arrived in via Fratelli Bandiera, the place where the tragedy happened and where Giuseppe lived, together with his family. The police investigate what happened, at the moment nothing is excluded, not even the suicide trail. The memory of Papa Nunzio moved the whole web. Here is his letter: “I have many memories of you but one in particular. You wanted to be born so much that as soon as we arrived at the hospital ..bloof .. You were born. I saw you in the nurse's lap right after the birth. Beautiful? Ugly as a spider, but a few days were enough and you bloomed. Beautiful smiling .. Over time you have become more and more sunny. We still had so many things to tell us in the end you chose the simplest path. It wasn't like you, stubborn always ready to fight. You took a piece of my heart up there with you. I love you Giuseppe, you will always be with me and I will be close to you. Your dad. "
  10. I don't know if it's been reported already, but attack-move doesn't work correctly for groups of units. Only one soldier out of the group will attack the enemy, while the rest of the group continues to the destination.
  11. I will say that this change for the auto-queue was a master stroke.
  12. The men who built America were slaves and the under-class immigrants, but of course the "titans of industry" get all of the credit.
  13. Indeed. In Atlas you could have 100 heroes for scenarios and campaigns, but in-game still limit them to 3 per faction.
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