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  1. You look in the parent templates for the classes. For instance: <Identity> <GenericName>Archery Range</GenericName> <SpecificName>Archery Range</SpecificName> <Tooltip>Train ranged citizen-infantry. Research training improvements for ranged infantry.</Tooltip> <Icon>structures/range.png</Icon> <Classes datatype="tokens">ArcheryRange</Classes> <VisibleClasses datatype="tokens"> Village Range </VisibleClasses> <RequiredTechnology>phase_village</RequiredTechnology> </Identity> This section of the archery range template (in Delenda Est) tells you there are 3 classes added: ArcheryRange, Village, and Range. You can use any of those classes for the "affects" line in a tech: "affects": ["Range"], If you wanted to affect Ranges and Houses, it would be: "affects": ["Range", "House"], Because the House template has "House" as a class.
  2. On the contrary, the "blackness" of the 25th Dynasty of Egypt is well understood and acknowledged by the team. What is rejected is binary thinking such as "these people are black and these others are not," when reality paints a more nuanced picture full of gradations. Along the Nile could be found and still can be found a spectrum of melanin content from very dark black to light brown. The very much black African @Sundiata who curated this thread can speak more on this. His nefarious agenda may surprise you.
  3. Yeah, it kills me how good ideas for this game constantly get put on the back burner because 1 person has some minor quibble. Were male villagers in Age of Empires ever confused with soldiers? No.
  4. Think about it this way. Every feature we add to the combat takes more APM. So, if we want ramming and ranged attack switching, you're looking at reducing the number of ships you're going to want to micro. At least with ramming, it could be semi-automatic (once the ability recharges, the ship's unitAI could wait X number of seconds before self-initiating a ram, a rather simple thing to do; the player can always override and initiate the ram manually or manually task the ship to something else). With ships weapon switching, can there be any semi-automation there? I take it, each attack type should have its own unique benefits and drawbacks, but can the unitAI self-determine which attack to use based on the benefits and drawbacks? Do you need additional manual input from the player?
  5. I thought at one point they did? (a small visual that would otherwise be inconsequential, just big enough to be selected and see its progress/health). Position of the units.
  6. I honestly think this would go hand-in-hand with a charging and running feature for land units. Same concept, just extended to ships. So, if someone were to want to add charging to soldiers, they could easily add it to ships at the same time with little essential difference between the 2, unless we wanted to add some kind of cool-down time between ram attacks (which we might want to add to soldier charging anyway too).
  7. Yeah, that's where a ramming feature (essentially the same as a charging feature for land units) would be nice. I think originally, arrows were supposed to kill the enemy ship's crew, while the ram or siege projectiles would kill the ship.
  8. My suggestions: Simplify warships with an upgrade progression. Light -> Medium -> Heavy. Add a bolt shooter to Medium ships, add a Catapult to Heavy ships (Light ships shoot arrows).
  9. I need ideas for these guys so I can finish the heroes for A25. I could scour Wikiwand, but I think you guys might have better ideas!
  10. Basically any historical game with pikemen turns them into meat shields. This is to mimic their real-world combat role as meat shields. Meat shields.
  11. Indeed. Now units all smoosh together like R2TW 1.0 before it was patched, so that the pikes' "range" benefit means nothing (except possibly they get the first stab in on the enemy in a scrum, but since part of their attack is pierce, even this "benefit" is reduced).
  12. I think it would be worth it to make camel units different from horse units, but only maybe in 1 or 2 stats. No need to get super granular with it.
  13. There's nothing wrong with discussing the issue.
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