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  1. If he used the original makehuman mesh and not one of the the low poly proxies no way it weighs in at 161,238 vertexes and 161,238 faces or about 313,570 tris BTW I'm a moderator on the makehuman forums Enjoy the Choice
  2. Now you are just being an A hole @go2die grow up. Enjoy the Choice
  3. That sounds more like a fault in your operating systems setting for key strike repeat than a bug in the program as most of us never see anything like that at all.You are the first to see this and you give no details on how to repeat the bug it's not a bug if only you see it not even which operating system you use we support Windows,Linux and OSX and bugs are usually tied to one platform. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Most of those civs do not fit the time period for 0AD which is 500 BC to 500 AD. Enjoy the Choice
  5. He appears to be using Windows default Task Monitor WireShark should give you more detailed info. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Unless you have Linux he can not help you. You could use one of the Live session distros so you do not to have a full Linux install. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Yes it will until you do what @Itms said if you do not use Linux first then it will not work on windows alone you need both. Enjoy the Choice
  8. What @Itms is saying is that NSIS is used in Linux to package a Windows app as an installer it is not a Windows app at all. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Getting that second account just got you banned we do not allow 2 accounts any relief has to be from our side @user1 is the moderator of our lobby. Enjoy the Choice
  10. I am not surprised lots of antivirus software automatically tags any Open Source app as a threat because they see no reason to trust it's source this has been happening since the introduction of Windows and the antivirus suites for it. Enjoy the Choice
  11. It would need a change in the way key presses are are handled at the C++ level so it really is beyond what a mod can do with JavaScript. Enjoy the Choice
  12. The cmd.txt file in your replays folder is used as evidence. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Yes if you can still boot your old computer. Just copy the old save games to your new one from https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Enjoy the Choice
  14. As @GunChleoc said the full history is not needed by those who just want the code or art only those actively involved in development really need it to prevent conflicts and resolve them which is what the review process is created to do and currently 0AD uses Phabricator for this not GitHub's interface at all though the mods do use GitHub there review interface is fairly transparent as I'm learning from my experience as vega-strike's lead and going to our first release in 6 years. Enjoy the Choice
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