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  1. Mint is not really lightweight and the whole Cinnamon desktop is their invention and they are built with the Ubuntu repos just like Ubuntu was built on Debian there are always forks in Open Source part of the reason we survive.There is no one way. Enjoy the Choice
  2. As far as I know only the Atlas(Map editor) can save in the game's map format.With that as a given there is no easy way you will need to export each model separately as .dae then import them into the games public mod or add them to a custom mod so that they become available within Atlas.BTW there are several tutorials on doing all this in our wiki(the Development link in the web page header). Enjoy the Choice
  3. My default tactic when any Open Source app is wonky under Windows is to check what the anti-virus is doing most automatically assume they are a security risk. Enjoy the Choice
  4. The replay only contains the commands that each player gave so the replay file is just a text file so no data travfer. Enjoy the Choice
  5. That may be just bad press that all Open Source projects share with the anti-malware companies they just do not trust noncommercial software at all this has been going on for years. Enjoy the Choice
  6. No the SNAP method is completely separated from your distro's repos it's a complete and separate way of delivering software. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Please post the replay of the game in question as our lobby monitor has no access to them on the server side it's a text file and not that big. Enjoy the Choice
  8. The local.cfg is a standard text file so it may have become corrupted in some way not sure how though. Enjoy the Choice
  9. A program that looks at network traffic at a very low level as in what is in each packet that is send or received exactly. Enjoy the Choice
  10. So the place to complain is the Flatpak site and maybe convince the Flatpak maintainer to make a complete 0AD package. Enjoy the Choice
  11. A syntax highlighting text editor is also useful for creating/editing those XML files that would be notepad++ on Windows(also json files) on Linux all of the default text editors have it not being a OSX user not sure of what is available just pick the right language for each file first. Enjoy the Choice
  12. First thing mods are operating system agnostic they work the same way on Windows/OSX and Linux as for balanced maps is this an existing mod or one you are trying to create? Enjoy the Choice
  13. All slingers used lead projectiles most carried their own mould for casting new pellets it's a fairly common find archaeologically on all ancient battle sites. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Which mode analytically or numerically ? If numerically at what order. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Or turns off his brain for a day. Enjoy the Choice
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