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  1. Krita is also cross platform in that it is available for Linux ,Windows and OSX which is great if you dual boot you can keep to the same tool chain on both Linux and Windows. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Post the commands.txt files for the relevant games as evidence that it happened at all your word alone is not enough. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Yes that's the right folder just the post crashlog file and interestinglog as attachments in your next post the interesting one should give us some context of what is happening. Enjoy the Choice
  4. From the look of the error dialog box Win 10 @gameboy Enjoy the Choice
  5. The most used tool is a good text editor us Linux users just need the default one but on Windows download notepad ++ it will check the syntax for json and xml just change the language from the menu on it's tool bar. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Does not the installer put the exe. in app data which is not accessible to the Windows file browser by default which may be why the OP can't find it. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Just increase the number of your posts without attachments you just ran into our newbie barrier or @feneur could give you pass with his admin wand. Enjoy the Choice
  8. That is because of "LAW 101" only french is allowed on signage but most Quebecois actually ignore that in common speech while Acadian french from New Brunswick will mix english and french in the same breath. Enjoy the Choice
  9. French Canadian is different than Continental French it retains several features of 17 th century French though most of those features are of interest mainly to academia there are a few that are very problematic for clear communication it usually takes native French speakers from France six months to acclimate to Quebecois idioms. The official political policy is to prefer Continental French most of the political class in Quebec are embarrassed by Quebecois and just wish it would go away. Enjoy the Choice
  10. In the late game stages metal becomes critical. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Post the commands.txt file for the game in question as evidence. Enjoy the Choice
  12. If he used the original makehuman mesh and not one of the the low poly proxies no way it weighs in at 161,238 vertexes and 161,238 faces or about 313,570 tris BTW I'm a moderator on the makehuman forums Enjoy the Choice
  13. Now you are just being an A hole @go2die grow up. Enjoy the Choice
  14. That sounds more like a fault in your operating systems setting for key strike repeat than a bug in the program as most of us never see anything like that at all.You are the first to see this and you give no details on how to repeat the bug it's not a bug if only you see it not even which operating system you use we support Windows,Linux and OSX and bugs are usually tied to one platform. Enjoy the Choice
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