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  1. And Git was never designed to handle binary data ie: textures,meshes gracefully and it's slowness is most likely caused by the quality of your internet connection. Enjoy the Choice
  2. How about colour blind players? Enjoy the Choice
  3. Git and svn are both version control systems git was designed by Linus Torvalds for use by the Linux kernel developers after the commercial version control system they where using decided to up the fee they where charging the Linux Foundation. Svn more properly subversion is also Open Source been around for a long time available on most platforms as well. Both have diff/patch functions and where originally designed for use in a terminal window though GUI are available for both the git ones on Linux are kinda primitive for svn I prefer ksvn on Linux Tortoise has both for windows that integrate
  4. Nice work did you use the makeclothes blender plug in for the hair and moustache or are they just added with GIMP using the plug in does give a better render result though. Enjoy the Choice
  5. My old high school drafting teacher was quite forceful in saying it was not art but a precise picture of an actual object that was used to duplicate it.He came out of an architectural practice.All that said @m7600is quite right and if you add makehuman you have most things covered. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Most service providers do not give you a fixed IP address to get a different IP all you have to do is disconnect then reconnect you will get a new IP from the pool of IP addresses that your ISP is assigned. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Still have Baldur's Gate CDs and the Core Rules CDs though getting them to run on Win10 just will not work no support for DX12 though they will work under WINE for us Linux Geeks since it can emulate XP and Win7 but not Win10 ATM. Also have quite a lot of the TSR books and campaign modules(and boxed sets). Enjoy the Choice
  8. Ran a 5 year long campaign using the Oriental Adventures rules used the Kara Tur maps. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Sorry but units can not walk on any mesh(model) the pathfinder just can not see where it can walk ATM. Enjoy the Choice
  10. Not mandatory but only you have the permissions to edit your posts(admins can but mostly they are occupied) it's just adding solved to the topic title and it does make searching easier. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Mint is not really lightweight and the whole Cinnamon desktop is their invention and they are built with the Ubuntu repos just like Ubuntu was built on Debian there are always forks in Open Source part of the reason we survive.There is no one way. Enjoy the Choice
  12. As far as I know only the Atlas(Map editor) can save in the game's map format.With that as a given there is no easy way you will need to export each model separately as .dae then import them into the games public mod or add them to a custom mod so that they become available within Atlas.BTW there are several tutorials on doing all this in our wiki(the Development link in the web page header). Enjoy the Choice
  13. My default tactic when any Open Source app is wonky under Windows is to check what the anti-virus is doing most automatically assume they are a security risk. Enjoy the Choice
  14. The replay only contains the commands that each player gave so the replay file is just a text file so no data travfer. Enjoy the Choice
  15. That may be just bad press that all Open Source projects share with the anti-malware companies they just do not trust noncommercial software at all this has been going on for years. Enjoy the Choice
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