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  1. BTW GIMP 2.10 comes with the DDS plug-in by default it's also seen a few bug fixes with this release. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Almost all of the text editors available on Linux have syntax highlighting which can be set for a very long list of programming languages with both C++ and JavaScript just being two. Enjoy the Choice
  3. IRC survives especially in the Open Source community because of it's lack of commercial/corporate connections though one of the founder IRC providers Freenode has gone corporate and is shedding staff and client projects besides it maybe old but it still works as it was designed and is very light weight and you don't need an IRC client just click the link in the forum header and use your web browser. Enjoy the Choice
  4. That is because we just updated the version ofSpider Monkey for this release older versions of 0AD used an earlier version of Spider Monkey that did not require the Visual Studio hacks to compile the .dll. Enjoy the Choice
  5. 30 years of bad behaviour still applies phone home to Redmond 20 times a second just eats away at your internet bandwidth. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Go directly to a25 it will be around for about a year till we can get a26 ready and out the door. BTW Linux distros will mostly be behind our release schedule as they do not update app versions between there major releases one of the reasons I always grab the static blender tar.xz build and put it under /opt with Google's Chrome. Enjoy the Choice
  7. The AI currently has no notion that ships exist so any update needs to take that into account.Ramming would be great to have but collision detection and damage arbitration still need to done as well so remember some of this needs work on the C++ side also. Enjoy the Choice
  8. War ships where mostly floating barracks so basically not enough cargo space. Enjoy the Choice
  9. That should be policy for any user no matter the OS/Distro checking for that info on your OS's most active forums should be regular activity. Enjoy the Choice
  10. That would indeed need human input as the auto-tracking can only get the kernel in use not the distro as that is not exposed externally or the desktop used the problem with the human input is that it is never accurate as the sample is not representative of the user base so a voluntary poll just does not give reliable information. As for Linux and BSD being similar they a both based on UNIX the major difference is the kernel and it's licences. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Sorry but the steel tech not possible until after the 6th century ie: after they learned it from Tang Dynasty China. Enjoy the Choice
  12. And svn handles binary data(ie: images) better than Git. Enjoy the Choice
  13. One of the fist uses of the word Utopia was by Thomas More for his satire Utopia which was a critic of Plato's Republic ended up executed by his king. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Any choice of a Linux distro is very personal there are flavours for everyone fedora for those who want bleeding edge new Linux tech or Debian for the conservative minded. Enjoy the Choice :)
  15. I used to be a fedora user from Fc3 to f11 got tied of getting a nose bleed with every new version as fedora added some new tech, fedora is Red Hat's experimental platform. Switched to Mint with the Cinnamon desktop and @Lopess is right on with LTS(Long Term Support) which is supported for a minimum of 3 years. Enjoy the Choice
  16. On which platform we support 3 Windows,Linux and OSX ? Enjoy the Choice
  17. @Ceresif you are using TortoiseSVN on windows just right-click on the svn root folder and"SVN Update" not with the GitHub repo though as the binary is not mirrored to it you have to do the compile with Visual Studio. Enjoy the Choice
  18. Falconry has been around for a very long time one of those medieval books was a translation from Arabic that was written in the 12th century with lots of stuff from earlier works in Farsi and Urdu a few of the Mongol clans still use eagles do a search on YouTube Enjoy the Choice
  19. Bridget is actually much anglicised originally a Celtic goddess adopted by the church as a saint associated with fire. Enjoy the Choice
  20. Most nomad women doubled as small game hunters and camp defenders most children where put at on a horse before they could walk usually in front of a parent or older sibling. Enjoy the Choice
  21. And the student version's terms of use say that you do not own what you create with it Enjoy the Choice
  22. It is not public it's a one man project really used it about ten years ago and have it installed on my Win 10 machines. Enjoy the Choice
  23. Don't you just hate terminal geeks sometimes Enjoy the Choice
  24. BTW it is only available for Win64 though an very old version for Win32 may still around somewhere there was talk several years ago of a Linux port never enough coders about so that fell by the way side. Enjoy the Choice
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