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  1. The two html files are the log files that are overwritten every time the game is executed so no need to copy them try opening the html files with your web browser Enjoy the Choice
  2. @borg-It's future proofing as Open GL is being dropped by most operating systems even blender is moving to Vulkan with version 4.0 Enjoy the Choice
  3. RE: Horses in the Americas pre Spanish Goggle "Ojibwe spirit horse" Enjoy the Choice
  4. There is still the problem of organizing those sub-parts of the planetary map into a whole that can be navigated by the players. The issue dose not go away with the change in perspective it is just abstracted differently. Enjoy the Choice
  5. First Makehuman was never designed for creating finished characters it is a starting point only not the end point this was stated with our very first release years ago and as a small team FOSS project we have never had the resources for anything else. Enjoy the Choice
  6. From his caption it's a photo of a reenactment groups creation. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Hi @TheScrollI'm you one of the moderators on MakeHuman's forums if you really need a perspective mode try our blender addon MPFB it's a socket bridge between MakeHuman and blender that lets you create your character completely within blender and costume/pose it then use blender's built in perspective mode if you have further question a sub-section on our forum is dedicated to it so just join us there Enjoy the Choice
  8. There is a major problem/issue with planet maps for any game engine namely scale how do you represent millions of square miles of a planet that the game mechanics can manipulate fast enough for actual game play. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Would require a major rewrite of the whole engine as repays ATM are just a text list of commands from each client replayed though the engine start to finish otherwise OOS errors are introduced. Enjoy the Choice
  10. Your allergy metaphor just does work if you are allergic to that pickle in the burger the whole burger has become toxic for you period removing it does remove the contamination it's still their and still toxic. Enjoy the Choice
  11. The excavations after point took about 50 years what with civil war and no money to underwrite the dig. And "There ain't no slough thing as free lunch" bites us in the @#$% again Enjoy the Choice
  12. Have you tried "vspkg" which are source packages that Visual Studio can use to built dependencies' dll's though libpng may still be fun as we at vegastrike filed a bug against it several months ago now, Btw you can build them for 64 or 32 bits Enjoy the Choice
  13. All those errors are in the log file which you can find with https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Enjoy the Choice
  14. It did not start that way till an ownership change a few years ago it was the place to host an Open Source project for more that a decade for a long time the only such space. Git is very new in after all it exists because Linus was upset when the commercial csv the kernel team was using wanted more money. Enjoy the Choice :)
  15. Lots of distros just don't bother till their next distro release cycle. Enjoy the Choice
  16. It would need C++ code to handle the new view point as that is part of the render pipeline and further code to define which actor of a possible hundreds to choose from either side's army that would require constant calculation ie: C++ code just to be fast enough so causing more lag, only the toggle between mode can be handled by JS by passing values to C++ code. Enjoy the Choice
  17. I notice that all the videos feature the Mediterranean draw (with fingers) the Mongolian draw(thumb) uses the muscles and skeleton differently. But both draws depend on the back muscles not the arms at all. Been drawing a bow myself for close to sixty years. Enjoy the Choice
  18. The concept of hospitals did not exist until the middle ages in a few Arabic states the idea reached Europe during the Crusades with the creation of several orders of knights calling themselves Hospitallers who set up refuges on routes to Palestine. Enjoy the Choice
  19. You might find solving it numerically with a the fourth order Runge-Kutta method more accurate it converges quickly too.We use it in Vegastrike for each physics frame.This is to calculate the position of about several hundred ships each frame as well as the planets in that solar system.The problem you describe reminds me of an article from early 70's in the "the British Interplanetary Society" journal. Enjoy the Choice
  20. Welcome @Trayon5 should be no issue as the mods are basically just text files so they are operating system agnostic that is they work on all tree platforms we support Linux,Windows and OSX. Several mods can be downloaded and installed from with in the game itself be aware the the order the mods are installed can make a difference if more than one is active at a time. Enjoy the Choice
  21. Your local svn repo should be in your home directory keeps the permissions simple for building BTW you can run in userland for testing before installing to system land. Enjoy the Choice
  22. That screenshot is from the old campaign mode. Enjoy the Choice
  23. It has been stated more than once in this thread that formations just do not work all during an attack more work on formations is required before anyone can/should use them ATM they are just sketches ant very much a work in progress. Enjoy the Choice
  24. Hope the llama is deaf otherwise you ain't hit any thing Enjoy the Choice
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