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  1. Sorry no reaching a victory condition ends the game there is no way of using the unit positions at the end of a game as the beginning point of any other game. Enjoy the Choice
  2. That would be cooperative play not separate players as the number of players currently refers to the number of civs in play. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Cel shading would indeed need a combination of textures and a new shader that's the way blender does toon rendering. Enjoy the Choice
  4. @seeh The map format changed with the release of version 24 the snap version uses exactly the same map format it will even work with the Windows and the OSX (Mac) versions of the game engine. Enjoy the Choice
  5. The siege of Troy would fit in the late bronze age not the current focus of 0 AD. Enjoy the Choice
  6. 0AD runs in an operating system three of them all told Window 11,Linux distros and Apple's OSX they are the environment necessary for all computer programs to work. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Stupid question which directory but yes you can put the whole svn repo on a flash drive there is a caveat though if you actually run the game directly from that USB drive it may degrade the memory chips in that drive from excessive read/write cycles. Enjoy the Choice
  8. As far as I see Git's handling of binary assets just does not work right Linus designed git for text based code on the kernel project so it's binary capabilities are very limited.And GitHub may start wanting cash as the repos grow binary data are just blobs that git has no handle on. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Not been working properly for a long time for me almost always drops me on to the second last page. Enjoy the Choice
  10. Yeah the symmetry about the centre if off. Enjoy the Choice
  11. This still requires work on the art side to show both states and we are always short of 3d artists to do that work. Enjoy the Choice
  12. As the producer for an other FOSS project Vegastrike it's a space shooter/trading game I very familiar with the scale thing as we model solar systems and our capital ships are kilometres in length we do model real physics and a certain Arcade style simplification and there is a need for our units to maintain their specifications to very specific units otherwise the differential equations just don't work. All that is just the background though the game must still be playable/fun we play fast and loose with time to make that possible but the issue with 0AD is that the game scale is not consistent it's a composite compromise with several different scales to make displaying the game elements possible/understandable and easier to code the underlying simulation so the actual units are just abstractions not connected to the real world BTW I've been coding since the sixties and with Vegastrike since 2005. Enjoy the Choice
  13. The archers on the walls are a very good looking hack but a hack none the less putting any other unit on the walls/turrets just will not work ATM it would need some very tricky work on the game engine at a fairly low level as well as a complete refactoring of large sections of code all that would take about 6 to 8 months of work for at least two programmers,we just do not have those resources now. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Loki1950

    Han China

    One old horse here started in on blender several years ago not that hard and the number in my forum name is my birth year Enjoy the Choice
  15. You first have to convince the studio accountants that it will make money this movie is that test the decision to do the second half did not get make till the 2nd week of revenue numbers where in. Enjoy the Choice
  16. If you add the Venetians then Genoa is a needed too as their rivals in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the Choice
  17. But all that is not possible till we can allow units to walk/see the bridge mesh also tied to the pathfinder not seeing meshes either. Enjoy the Choice
  18. Nay it's the crypto currency mining in the background. Enjoy the Choice
  19. No need for the limits unless you are doing a full numerical integration and even then your accuracy/resolution is dependant on the method you use ie: which order Enjoy the Choice
  20. For a graphical front end for svn on Linux I have used ksvn though it is now not used as Dolphin the KDE file browser now has context activated svn access similar to TortoiseSVN on Windows. Enjoy the Choice
  21. The AI's have never built walls or palisades in any version so far,automatic placement of the wall is not a trivial logic problem. Enjoy the Choice
  22. BTW GIMP 2.10 comes with the DDS plug-in by default it's also seen a few bug fixes with this release. Enjoy the Choice
  23. Almost all of the text editors available on Linux have syntax highlighting which can be set for a very long list of programming languages with both C++ and JavaScript just being two. Enjoy the Choice
  24. IRC survives especially in the Open Source community because of it's lack of commercial/corporate connections though one of the founder IRC providers Freenode has gone corporate and is shedding staff and client projects besides it maybe old but it still works as it was designed and is very light weight and you don't need an IRC client just click the link in the forum header and use your web browser. Enjoy the Choice
  25. That is because we just updated the version ofSpider Monkey for this release older versions of 0AD used an earlier version of Spider Monkey that did not require the Visual Studio hacks to compile the .dll. Enjoy the Choice
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