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  1. We at the vegastrike project use gitter which you can bridge to IRC and it also allows matrix sign-ins as they own gitter.Gitter has nice intagration with GitHub as well,you can set up several chanels inculding privite ones with email notivication of posts. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Lion he did say almost fascist which is understandable to most people but the idea of a liberal society has it's roots in the Renasaince the revolution was just it's first interation in the real world. Enjoy the Choice
  3. The author of the Conan books was a correspondent of Lovecraft who did write horror and dark fantasy just goggle Conan for the book covers from the 30's and the covers of all most all of the Pulp era magazine covers had a "Damsel in Distrest" theme sexy covers to sell more product. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Much older than that goes back to the "Pulp Fiction" erea of the 30's that's the period that first gave us H P Lovecraft and the Conan stories. Enjoy the Choice
  5. The Aztec used cacao beans as a currency very much a trade item it even showed up in the American Pueblo archaeological digs.There are also stories of it in the Pacific northwest along the grease trails(trader paths). Enjoy the Choice
  6. It really depends on each computer language's string formatting print capabilities they are all very different as each language has a niche of preferred usage areas. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Actually Java is very different from Java script which we are using you need to be very careful with names when dealing with computer languages after all we have been doing it for over 50 years now so it's complicated Enjoy the Choice
  8. IIRC those stats are in XML files though each civ has a separate file for each unit so it is a tedious process to edit each file in question so a way of dealing with all the files at once is needed not a trivial task basically a macro for a text editor and not many text editors have macro search and replace functions and then they are not available on all the platforms we support. Enjoy the Choice
  9. There is also appimage which is a other way of distributing static builds and yes it is more convenient for the package maintainer one build as opposed to one for every distro want to support. Enjoy the Choice
  10. The support level is the same and the rpm/flatpack version are basically the same though the flatpack is a full static build the dep libraries are included which is why they tend to be a larger download. Enjoy the Choice
  11. No you do not put them anywhere they are already there we want to see those files here on the forum that is what we mean by post them. Enjoy the Choice
  12. So where are your crashlog files they tell us what went wrong till then where just guessing. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Left brain says one thing the right side of the same brain says the contrary which side is correct in it's thinking nether the correct conclusion is a synthesis of both sides. Enjoy the Choice
  14. It's the pathfinder that would hinder performance not the render pipeline. Enjoy the Choice
  15. The talk was not about the visuals but about numbers as I said all the speculation is premature. Enjoy the Choice
  16. The issue is getting all those dep libraries to build in 64 bit format there are a few major gotchas in doing that though. Enjoy the Choice
  18. Sorry but all this talk of GOLD is premature as it DOES NOT EXIST as a resource in the main game there is only Metal,Wood,and Food.Metal includes all metals so it's an abstraction not realistic and adding more micromanagement to mines is just tedious time wasting for no purpose but geek points. Enjoy the Choice
  19. It is not the type of damage that is in question it is the magnitude of the damage. Enjoy the Choice
  20. That resistance of kevlar body armor is a function of the weave of the kevlar fibres that distribute the energy of the bullet over a larger area(kevlar has high tensile strength and high shear resistance). Enjoy the Choice
  21. All energy is the same the main advantage the siege machinery does is increase the velocity of the projectile there is no change in the energy involved it just is of greater magnitude due to that velocity increase, which is also the case between an arrow and a bullet. Enjoy the Choice
  22. All attacks are the transfer kinetic energy to a target so the main variables are mass and velocity, armor is just something that defects or absorbs that energy going back to first principles can be clarifying. Enjot the Choice
  23. And "stone of lime" just does not fit for English at all not even in any of the colonial patois the word order is wrong. Enjoy the Choice
  24. That merging is a other computational complication to the pathfinder the object is to simplify the whole algorithm not increase it's complexity. Doing that way would just make it slower not faster you need to consider the whole problem not just the parts that you can see as simple. Enjoy the Choice
  25. Women can be tasked to do those tasks as they are classified as workers. Enjoy the Choice
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