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  1. what are actors? Sorry for my ignorance? So I put some random macedon units and roman units on the map and asigned them to player 1 and 2 respectively. How do I put them in formation and order them to fight each other? what I actually want is what this guy doing in this old vid. He is using the Atlas editor for that matter?
  2. nice tip on attack move alre! so, you prefer attack move to move your men altogether in a minimum coordinate matter rather than use formations I suppose
  3. Thanks! but I want to quickly test a certain number and type of units against a certain type and number of enemy units without actually playing a match with lots of resources. Need to check Atlas editor as Stand said.
  4. so, the default formation is only for the move, not when fighting or attacking? Can this be changed under Options>Game session>Formation control? Instead of "Walk/Patrol Only" should be set to "No Override"? Anyway, thank you very much. I watched some competitive multiplayer replays but I haven't seen too much use of formation or any insight about them. Do you know any uploaded on yt?
  5. How can I quickly test some full army compositions and certain units vs others ? is Atlas editor meant for this as well? any tutorials apreciated
  6. where can I find some good up to date tutorials or vids (maybe replays where formations are successfully used?) on this topic of formations and micromanaging your units in general? Aside from this, some initial clarifications: what is the relation between stances (aggressive, passive etc.) and formations and how they affect each other? what is a "default" formation (the one enabled with right click)? what is the attack move order more exactly? etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. I mean it's too generic to the point they seem like placeholders no offense. For a historical strategy game that is set in a very particular era and intends to be more immersive than some other comercial ones like Age of Empires. My two cents: for the type of players that are into this era, an agora-like icon is more recognizable and relevant than a generic building icon for helenistic factions. And would be pretty darn recognizable as a main building even for somebody that doesn't know too much history. I thought the UI wasn't finished and polished by any means but you are telling me otherwise. And nope I dont want a mod because I can't stand and play the game otherwise, I was just giving some input for the game development in areas where I didn't find any official task opened. I might know some 2d artists for the job but if the policy doesn't find these kinds of refinements to the UI desirable, forget about it.
  8. well, if you have the models already, would be too bad to use the renders for icons (at least before something more stylized based on the renders is created)? I think they will look better and more immersive than some generic building icons
  9. in the alpha yauna? Do you guys plan to update the icons and UI images of these units as well? Regarding UI : will the civilizations have custom building icons instead of the generic ones? Like the agora to have a proper depiction of how it actually looks like for seleucids for ex
  10. which of the helmets in this topic are in the game right now?
  11. How many Novo Mesto type helmets were found and where exactly. Ive red this article but its not very clear. https://www.academia.edu/5463297/The_Power_of_3_-_Some_Observations_On_Eastern_Celtic_Helmets (Mihaljević, Dizdar 2007) Besides the most popular one it seems there is at least another finding with more bland shapes. Anyone know the sites for this one and the others? .
  12. Ill continue the topic of the Eastern celtic helmets on the ..celtic helmets thread
  13. nah the iron one. It seems like that exact subsubvariant lol of Port/Siemenchow must to have existed. it has some very nice shape. I ll have to asked more the EB II about this helmet and better images for it
  14. I see that as a simplified Siemechow type isnt it ? actually I like the general shape more than the original finding
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