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  1. being able to tell at a glance what type of unit (swordman, spearmen, ranged unit etc.) I think it's pretty common sense. I think this can be done via banners but as of now they are for formations including mixed units as well so don't know where to go from here. How other strategy games deal with this?
  2. My bad! Is this only for towers or for other buildings as well? For you own structures a banner with the number of garrison units would be more useful.
  3. yeah, that's questionable. But at least a clear indicator to tell that the structure is garrisoned or not as an attacker (no matter what how many units are in there)
  4. The introduction of the idle workers' number and the formation banners is such a quality-of-life improvement. These kinds of small visual indicators could help so much in other areas. For example, the structures that are garrisoned could display the number of garrison units on banner (a slightly bigger and fixed banner rather than the current small winding flag used as a cue to indicate if a structure is garrison which would not be ideal for that purpose). I know you have that in the UI when selecting the actual structure but quickly seeing this at glance on the map could make garrisoning much more interesting and easier to manage.
  5. I take back what Ive said about turning the music slider to zero and save the settings then turning it on. It worked one time but not anymore. Trying lots of games and maps with Macedon and Seleucids but still same old ambient music over and over again. Nope I don't think its that the case of me being attacked before the music gets the change to start. Its maybe due to my previous installation of 0 ad? I just uninstall it through the control panel nothing fancy
  6. Hmmm. maybe a bug but here is what I've noticed. Like I said previously I still heard only the same old tracks but after disabling and enabling the music in the Options, the new tracks start to be played.
  7. Hey! I see 26 new music tracks have been added! For what civ are some of them available? Asking this, because while playing with Seleucids and Macedonians, I still hear same old tracks...
  8. what are actors? Sorry for my ignorance? So I put some random macedon units and roman units on the map and asigned them to player 1 and 2 respectively. How do I put them in formation and order them to fight each other? what I actually want is what this guy doing in this old vid. He is using the Atlas editor for that matter?
  9. nice tip on attack move alre! so, you prefer attack move to move your men altogether in a minimum coordinate matter rather than use formations I suppose
  10. Thanks! but I want to quickly test a certain number and type of units against a certain type and number of enemy units without actually playing a match with lots of resources. Need to check Atlas editor as Stand said.
  11. so, the default formation is only for the move, not when fighting or attacking? Can this be changed under Options>Game session>Formation control? Instead of "Walk/Patrol Only" should be set to "No Override"? Anyway, thank you very much. I watched some competitive multiplayer replays but I haven't seen too much use of formation or any insight about them. Do you know any uploaded on yt?
  12. How can I quickly test some full army compositions and certain units vs others ? is Atlas editor meant for this as well? any tutorials apreciated
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