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  1. A spectator could have given him the info that the berries were there.
  2. Any unit that can capture also needs to be defeated. If you have some champions, you could loot and capture enemy buildings to gain workers again.
  3. Chemistry is complicated. While Na and Cl are both red, the combinition NaCl is fine. btw: group 18 is mostly unlickable.
  4. If you look into the template for the CC, there is also something for territory called "weight". By adjusting weight (for the CC or barracks), I suppose the captured territory after capturing a barracks also adjusts.
  5. I do not antogonize a fast hoplite in the game. Though we had a fast spearman in A24 (the Gual fanatic), it wasn't used by players. The game does often not make fast infantry worthwhile. If the unit would be introduced, give it statistics to make sure that it is viable.
  6. Can you tell what happens if you press shift+z? That should normally work
  7. I agree 100%. But low wood is probably the #2 reason why some maps/biomes are unpopular (#2 after only the fact that some maps require the use of a navy). All I mean to say is that a reduction is radius size should be done carefully because its easy to overdo it and the potential for blowback If you give the players less wood, then they complain (Mediterranean/Aegean biome or like in A24). Then the wood quantity is increased again by changing the settings. The average player gets exactly the amount of wood he wants (which is plenty). The current wood availability is not the problem: It is what players want.
  8. I think DE has a cooler version of skiritai
  9. Actually I don't know anything about chat GPT. But it is a text bot that is incredibly good at what is does. However if you ask chat GTP about the most popular 0ad mods, it will give 10 answers and none is a 0ad mod. So how do you expect chat GPT to write code for an engine that is only used by 0ad?
  10. I think it makes sense. There aren't Mauryan or Seleucid people, but those where dynasties with an empire. Adding empire to their name, clearly indicate what those factions represent. Also for Romans, I think it is good to denote that it is about republican times, not imperial times.
  11. I disagree. In my opinion gameplay would be more interesting if advancing to p3 is more of a finishing move, while the game could/should be decided in p2.
  12. The 'p3 or bust' gameplay is really bad. +50% gather rate in p3 therefore seems bad. While the current setup is better than a +50% gather rate in p3, it does not mean that the current setup is the best we can get.
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