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  1. Hi @user1, any reply to this topic pls? I really want to play but I dont realy wanna start new account and new rating ...etc
  2. Hello everybody I hope you are doing well. My ingame pseudo is SPAHIS- ... and I forgot my password ( the topic ). So few months ago ( December 17 2020 if I'm correct), I was playing a game ( alpha 23) and suddenly my PC crashed, After consulting repairers, I've had to format my pc and reinstall OS, fortunately I was able to save some data in the recovery operation (before formating ofc), but some of them were lost. Concerning 0AD, I know I could cconnect with the user.cfg file, but I lost this file and all the appData folder, all I still have is MyGames/0ad folder, where I could find all the saves, and all the replays since alpha 20, I could also find mod, ps, screenshots folders (I couldn't insert images). So my question is how can I get back my account (and make a new password) knowing that I was playing since alpha 20... Is there any others files that can help me for exemple the multiplayer replays ? or some files in ps folder ? or another folder from what it left ? I hope I can get back my account with new password asap so I can try the alpha 24 ... best regards.
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