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  1. I seen this happen in other situations since long ago (alpha 23). IRRC, this is some weird bug where the object is in "between" both territories lines or something similar (how the code bugs might be diferent), basically what you see in the game are "fake territories lines" but internally is computed as squares where each one has an player ownership, seems this one has none or is computed in a way that i gives ownership points to gaia then to enemy, thus you losing them. This also can happen even if the other player is an ally too (:D)
  2. The problem is mostly caused with incompatibilities between types of NAT each router has, only way to be sure everybody can join you is to set up port forwarding.
  3. @sarcoma @Langbart mod for @mysticjim
  4. Ok found the cause, seems some data got written to Documents/My Games/0ad/mods/user for some reason and deleting it fixed it. @wraitii you might want to check this as it I find it weird that fonts from the mod get stored there (which means that they get executed even when no mods are enabled)
  5. Uff, for some reason after using the mod alpha 24 won't work. The mod is disabled but now when 0ad 24b is open it shows a black window, nothing more, no crash, no logs. I tried deleting user config, cache. Will try to reinstall now.
  6. @vladislavbelov ok from what I understand you created a new special font where you map one glyph to one RGB color and then each line is broken with an non printable "\n" codepoint. Each glyph is just a rectangle? I wonder if it would also be possible to just use the block code character and then for each one (or range) add a <color > tag around (then no new font needed). Still don't know how you did the raytraced font. Would be cool to make these kind of posts something like an ester eggs or a 0ad blog entry. Fun nonetheless. (at first I thought you used some new pyrogenesis <
  7. Very nice, you might like to try the same with ray marching.
  8. Overlapping is a "bug" (sometimes is on purpose) and is determined by the pathfinder and the obstruction simulation. From what I've seen in alpha 25 svn units now overlap much more so the problem is worse in that aspect but on the other hand you now don't get the "congestion from hell" you usually get with big armies.
  9. Yes, I always facepalm when I see the healers healing each other while the army dies o when you send an attack order and all units including healers go to the front lines XD instead of healing position.
  10. Yes you got it right. FXAA or MSAA enabled. FXAA won't affect performance at all, MSAA might if you have very low GPU memory or very basic GPU. Water transparency but no reflection or refractions (no transparency is just too ugly to even consider it an option imho). The rest disabled, specially shadows.
  11. All low/disabled with glsl and water transparency + MSAA or FXAA for team games. If you play single player 1v1 you can crank all the setting to max. Notice I didn't mention any PC specs because it doesn't matter what you have, 0ad will still bring your pc cpu to its knees.
  12. Another issue with mercs is that for ranged marcenaries the cost vs hp ratio is very high and we all know that in alpha 24 being under a tower or a civic center can kill many units is a split of a second making any kind of rush with skirmish or archers that have 50 hp a suicide move and a waste of metal.
  13. I fixed it with gimp
  14. This is a typical trope in RTS games, very damaged buildings can't get garrisoned as it represents the building is in shambles
  15. https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/87268
  16. So like victory by wonder but the win condition is max score and it starts at startup.
  17. The files in question you need to add to your mod are: gui\common\!!!autociv_patchApplyN.js gui\common\mod~autociv.js gui\gamesetup\NetMessages\GameRegisterStanza~autociv.js Then change all occurrences of "autociv" word for the name of your mod. As for knowing what to change here are some tips to follow so you don't trigger OOS (out of sync): simulation folder: don't change code behaviour or variables that are serialized How to know if a variable is serialized: There exist a function name "Serialize" in the component and that function does something w
  18. Looks promising, siege should also have a production time penalty like the units and the upgrade should only affect the upgraded roman camp not all of them (possible no? @Stan`)
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