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  1. Champion cavalry has entered the chat and would like to have a word.
  2. Well apart from the joke, seems ... @wowgetoffyourcellphone removed the unlimited option? But still, you can change population to whatever number with autociv if you so want by writing in the game setup chat this: /population 100000
  3. Add autociv after delenda est and it will work (tested)
  4. That was one time hardcoded feature, for a general case I not sure I could pull it off as a mod and seem too much work/reward ratio. Better ask official team. F4 does nothing in the latest version (also told in github)
  5. Why the rotation can't be smooth , doesn't pyrogenesis interpolate rotations?
  6. Look at the base styles and how they are defined, you can control how the textures are streched when the dimensions change, perfectly doable with current gui code.
  7. There are already hotkeys that do this, search them in the hotkey editor
  8. It happens a lot (at least to me) when you batch increment is 5 units for each click and you can't get the exact amount to match the resources needed, what I would expect expect from an UI standpoint is to get the production units capped to the max resources you have (an evenly distributed as @Jofursloft said). This also happens when you try to send resources to another player, if you surpass the max amount of resources you have then it doesn't send anything instead of just sending the maximum possible you have. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_least_astonishment
  9. version 25.1.2 Added: option to spawn healers with aggressive stance (default off) Fix: Some minor problem with game countdown
  10. It will probably involve simulation code changes (UnitAI) and has some pretty hard edge cases so I say it would be better to be done as an official 0ad feature
  11. How did you even manage to reach the loading screen? If that error message appears it should be not possible to start the game (it has two checks one in JS side and another in C++). That errors occurs when you try to force game start or in some cases if a player leaves or specs and you immediately press start game before the leave/spec message has arrived. Maybe some malformed data was passed to the game setup settings C++ parser and that caused the crash (I think that part of the C++ code doesn't check if all the data is valid before trying to use it). Autociv does change (can) some settings but doesn't add any new.
  12. version 25.0.2 First compatible version with 0ad alpha 25 Removed: Auto-train, now 0ad has it included APM charts
  13. That's called auto-queue ( or auto-train). It's a new feature of alpha 25. You have to select the buildings and in the middle panel bottom u will see two buttons to enable/disable it (in spec mode for some weird reason is hidden instead of disabled). This was included in autociv before but as is part of the game now it doesn't have hotkeys from autociv. You can add them in the hotkey editor if you search for "queue" in the hotkey filter then add whatever you like for them
  14. @LetswaveaBook will post it here soon, just want to give some time so possible autociv bugs don't get confused with possible 0ad bugs,
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