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  1. Adding a corral is just like adding any other entity, trees are entities, buildings are entities, animals are entities. So in your case, you need to add the entity corrals where you want in the map. If you want the corrals to be placed more o less randomly, see how the other maps (e.g. mainland.js) place gaia animals like sheep and deer and do the same but with the corrals.
  2. Read for a general overview at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide and for the GUI modding look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ModdingGuiAndSimulation. You can also look at the code of some of the GUI mods listed here https://github.com/0ad-matters
  3. For boonGUI, it should be the same procedure. If that doesn't work, it would be better for you to ask the boonGUI's creator. @Langbart
  4. When does it happen? Some context please. Looking at the stacktrace (this error you posted) autociv is probably not the culprit.
  5. Autociv will only change autociv and only autociv hotkeys. The message you describe happens because autociv detected you are lacking some autociv hotkeys. From what I know there is a "bug" in the hotkeys editor that deletes any non "vanilla" 0ad hotkeys from the settings if you click "Save" or "Reset" and that might why autociv tells you the hotkeys are missing.
  6. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2667 With this you can try up to 30 players (or AI). You will need to rebase any changes and compile it, and only works from command line but works. Also had alternative implementation that allowed arbitrary sizes (> 100) but is not published.
  7. Not really, it just doesn't mesh well. The alert system is based on having a building from where to trigger the alert, then the units AI inside the building radius will find a place to garrison, the problem is knowing what building to automatically select in the case this hotkey were to be triggered and also to take care of any edge cases (no building found in visible camera view, multiple options, etc).
  8. Move "autociv" folder to the folder "mods" not "mod". Then open 0ad and in the main menu select "Settings" -> "Mod Selection", a new page will appear. In the page search in the upper list the mod "autociv", select it, then click the "Enable" button on the bottom, this should move the mod to the list bellow. Then click on the "Save Configuration" then on the "Save and Restart" button. Now you have autociv installed and working.
  9. I don't know if this would be a good change (opinion), if I want to know the rating of someone I just read his rating not the color.
  10. Regicide is unpredictable and that is fun. I once had my CC taken down by an elephant Hero (Hannibal ?) at the start of the game which made me lose in just 2 min. Was that unfair? yes, but would that have happened if it were perfectly balanced? probably never. I think, this is what makes the mode (the current regicide) worth a try and also play it.
  11. Yes, if I'm correct @wraitii did a great job implementing this. From what I did get, basically 0ad now uses scancodes (positional) instead of key codes (value based), so that it doesn't matter what type of keyboard you have the keys would be saved internally as the default keyboard and translated according to the current keyboard you have on the fly. So, for your issue, 0ad is doing the conversion correctly, so no need to worry, let 0ad handle it for you.
  12. Yes, added that parameter to the base template template_units.xml but the overlapping still happened.
  13. I tried these same settings but I instead got multiple units overlapping. See for more context
  14. https://git-scm.com/docs/git-sparse-checkout
  15. Might be a good idea to add a survey to the thread so we can vote. And yes, I use it alot. It allows you, in battle, to "restart" the army so it fights units close to them and not chase random ones
  16. user.cfg file somewhere inside a line with "mods" in it
  17. FXAA missing, check what shader configuration file is calling that.
  18. @andy5995 If you look at binaries/data/mods/public/maps/random/rmgen-common/player.js:317 you will see the reason. "distance" property must be put on the "Mines" object not of each "template" type object
  19. That code doesn't tell me anything, you have to track down what line of code actually places the mines then modify that distance for them, there is nothing more to it.
  20. I suggest to keep 30 corpses at least otherwise the gameplay suffers alot (you won't know where your unit died and how many otherwise). Performance only starts getting bad when you have > 50 corpses lying around
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