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  1. Also, something more off-topic is that I know there was a room with autohost in the past, players used commands to change civs and slot balances and start the game by themself, it was discontinued due lag, I'm very willing to let my pc 24/7 running an autohost if anyone can help me how to make it
  2. This chat is a great example https://www.destiny.gg/embed/chat
  3. Could be an insignia in the name of donators in the lobby. Plans to donate. If you donate 2 dollars you are going to have a star in your name showing in the lobby and game, 5 dollars two stars and so on.
  4. When I said, "when I start the game", I wanted to say before lobby, as a click to run 0ad, so I can't join the lobby, I said I could see the mouse initially but now I can never see. Windows 10 Yes, some months ago I used to play with a 5 dollar mouse normally, I have another cheaper mouse didn't work too In C:\Users\asavo\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\config opened default.cfg with notepad it was written false, now it's true. AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY FINE. Now its working, thanks xD
  5. Mouse Gamer Corsair M55 PRO CH-9308011-NA
  6. Restarted pc, reinstalled game, closed background apps, no one working xD
  7. As I join the game I see the mouse, in the first click it disappear, can only navigate throughout keyboard
  8. I just tested it and its working now looks like wasnt working in a game i played - For the chariot hero: temples cost and built time are reduced, temples tech cost and research time are reduced. if i experience it again in a online game post here
  9. Dont know his name now, but is the only cav hero, that says in fortres he reduces 50% of the cost of the temples upgrades but dont work when u make him
  10. If someone has good 2v2s i think it would fit good in that format of vids post me the replay *Without any mod
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