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  1. Hi! If you like my map we may play on discord and organize some party :)

    1. Lion.Kanzen


      Sorry but I don't have a lot of free time lately.

  2. Hi! If you like my map we may play on discord and organize some party :)

  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ar2c4xnhpccobcl/Gerusalem1vs1.xml?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/btcrt4uqtpcwfqc/Gerusalem1vs1.pmp?dl=0 The map in inspired by the gerusalem of the king Ezechia during the siege of the assyrian force. I hope that you like it!:
  4. Hi! Where i could find these mod? Is already living?
  5. I donwnload and i created it C:\Users\lenovo-pc\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mycenaeans_basic_mod and in the folder i put the zip and the file that you sed me, i try to open the mod in 0ad but i can't find the faction, and also in the sandbox
  6. I try but it don't open, there is a guide?
  7. I download the file, where i have to put it?
  8. The map with screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qvqwrim5d0x6p4f/AABY5C_gopTdXH4uAdb88TfSa?dl=0 Yellow (Persian faction): Mycene. Red (Persian faction): Rebel Wanax I used persian for decipt Mycenean people because they have a similar building, they use war chariot, and if you want to play a realistic Mycenean faction you don't have to use Elephant and horses exept chariots Light blue (Iberian): Sea People I use Iberian because they are perfect for drawing a raider and barbarian faction Orange (Briton): Doric Invaders I chose Briton for Doric because they use war chariot and their building are barbaric like. Doric was an Hellenic people like mycenean but more wild and they don't create a strong palace state. Also if you want to play a realistic late bronze age warfar you dont' have to use siege units, but this may be only a multiplayer/roleplay rule. I hope that you will like this map!
  9. Sorry but I can't use modding stuf in atlas, how can I do? And also how can i play with mycenean in 0ad with the mod? I find only archaic greek, egypt, assyrian and jewish state
  10. I donwloaded Aristeia but i can't find them, only archaic greek, Juda, Assyrian, Egypt
  11. I am creating a city and a late bronze age setting for 0ad. For the mycenean I used the persian because their building are really similar to greek bronze age, If some one want to play true mycenean have to don't use cavalry exept chariots and don't use Helepant, and here you ave a Mycenean faction, after that there are Doric Greek (brit) that use also bronze helm and chariot, and also there are the sea people (iberian). When the map will be finished I upload it here!
  12. I think that i solved the problem, if some one want to tray the map in mutiplayer I am here for suggestion
  13. Hi, I try to play these map in multiplayer but it crush and I can't understand why, some one can help me?
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