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  1. Wow, didn't know about this I'm definitely interested
  2. Thanks. I didn't know it was possible to have more than one water height; How is that done?
  3. Brazucas! Eu tive que largar tudo, salvo trabalho e familia por alguns meses. Mas voltei, e ja estou fazendo mapas para jogar. Sou fan de Debian, mas tambem tenho Ubuntu; da para quebrar o galho, sabe...
  4. @Peregrino & @Chcal: Que bom ver alguns brasileiros aqui! I'm a good ol' boy from Texas, but I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazucas!!!
  5. good work; the fog makes it difficult to see details, but it adds to the winter wonderland motif
  6. Believe me, I used more than 5 or 6 textures in the map The problem is with the screenshots: they don't really show much (going for pretty pictures instead of informative ). I'm attaching two screenshots that I hope are a little better. Also, the files so that you all can test the map. That, and the AI bot in testing had no problems whatsoever finding access points; the map isn't THAT restrictive backwater_skirmish.zip
  7. Wow, Has it been that long? Real life has kept me focused totally on work and family I hope to be less absent from now on. Here's my current work, tentatively titled "Backwater". Not every part of the Roman Empire was as pretty as Greece or Italy. There's the other side of the tracks, so to speak, where usable land is at a premium. This map is a 3 x 3 skirmish map. There's no lack of resources, but growth will be constrained by suitable land. I've attached the screenshots. I'll post the map itself after a couple of final touches, and hopefully, some feedback...
  8. Ok everybody, I'm not dead, I just disappeared due to real life. I'm back, at least for a bit. Here's the 'Race to the top' map in skirmish mode. As I get time, I already have ideas for the next map Enjoy rttp (3v3).zip
  9. Claro! I'm sorry that I haven't had time to compile the SVN version, so I cant do the skirmish mode myself yet.
  10. Ok, after some playtesting, here's the files. I still haven't completely cleaned up the lag- a good reason to make smaller maps. Let me know what y'all think race_to_the_top.zip
  11. So, I finally got some free time, and decided to take advantage by doing up a new map. The idea is pure empire building, and uses resource scarcity to encourage expansion. Actually, there's more than enough resources, but nothing compared to the other landmass. Sandwiched between romans and Carthaginians, can Macedonia pull another Alexander? I'm still testing and tweaking the map; I'll post the files for it shortly. So far, the size of the map causes some lag (any easy way to minimize this, guys?). Let me know what y'all think
  12. Hay esperanza entonces Tanto tiempo entre brazucas me ayudó
  13. ugh... real life won't give me a break, but don't lose hope: I'll install SVN as soon as I get a chance. I really want to try out the skirmish mode
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