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  1. I really don't appreciate the tone of some community members. This makes me sad. Giving critical reviews is essential for the developement of the game, but not a wildfire of anger. Thats detrimental to the morale of a dev team. A critical statement should always include a very specific description of an issue, a reasining wha it is a problem and a qualifier on how much it actually reduces the fun in the game as well as a suggestion on how to resolve it. I would like to ask people to use this forum to support de devs and not just rant. And yes, I agree that the un-diversifivation of the factions is reducing the excitement in picking a faction and yes, the romans took a steep, painful dive to bottom tier. But overall the improvements in A24 are significant and I wanna se us stay in an appeciating mood. Is there any chance that we might have a balancing patch a24.1 in the forseeable future?
  2. Hi there, thanks a lot for your replys. Yeah, its time t install SVN again :-) Indeed such an hightmap export tool would be an ideal solution. Awesomt that you looked up that information for me so quickly. Oh. Thanks nevertheless. And of course thanks to the unknown one. So, I guess I need to have a look at the source code of the hight import to get to the necessary information, right? Best regards mimesot
  3. Hi everyone, is there a way to increase the hight level of the whole map? (the water level is no issue as it can easily changed manually). The reason behind my question is, I would like to get rid of the parts of the skymap which fade to black on the bottom end and therefore are quite disturbing in flat angle screenshots. I guess it would need a bit of coding and I'm not shy of writing a small script myself. But in order to do so I would need some documentation on how the files containing textures and hight information are built. It possibly involves a process which is the reverse from importing a highmap to the editor. Is there anybody, who can help me with some information? Thanks in advance and greetings! mimesot
  4. Hi, wait, what are you talking about ... i seem to have missed something. Just for clarification, I am talking about balancing for the map, not the overall game - just in case. Or do you mean a discussion on the patch created in the process of submission of the map which is then going to be discussed. But in order to make changes noteworthy enough for issuing a submission I would rather need a discussion beforehand, don't you think? Sorry if I am confusing things right now. Greetings mimesot
  5. Oh no. That were just some tiny aesthetical changes. Riverbanks with more vegetation, Underwater design with rocks, Road textures, fences,... But if someone is willing to discuss balancing with me that would be totally awesome, and I would love to contribute a balanced version to alpha 24 one day.
  6. Thanls a lot folks! Well, I guess it is a work I will regularly find things to improve on. Things that come to my mind depend on other things than map editing alone Balancing (requires some play throughs with experienced players and is not really pressing) A fixed sky box. I missed the opportunity to make areas of high mountains around the playground in order to hide the black circular area around the map. Screenshots look stupid if the horizon gets black towards its lower edge before it hits the ground. (probably needs technical changes) Some paths are very small and have a width of 1 block. They can be traversed by most infantry and horse cavalery but not by bigger units and the AI gets stuck inside such areas quite often. Kind regards mimesot
  7. Hi, I was in the mood to update my map, so I made some design detail changes and repaired a few mistakes. The file is attatched to the first post. A fence placed in order to make citizen feel more comfy on the cliffs of the persian town. The red sea now has sime underwater structure. And I just realized that the map on the first page is very ountdated ... it did not even contain the Kushite town. Greetings and everyone have a happy new year! mimesot
  8. Hi! Thanks. I am perfectly happy with Egypt as well. Please tell me what you mean by string changes. In my understanding string is any array of characters, like a map name in contrast to e.g. coordinates. Regarding this I found the map name to currently be "Egypt (4)" while it is a 6 player map in its current state. As the map consists of 99,9% gaia entity objects, it would be the fastest way to open the xml with a text editor, replace <Player>[1-6]</Player> with <Player>0</Player> and then reassign the few player entity objects to their correct player again using the editor. Takes me probably half an hour. Do you want me to perform the changes? (Writing a small Python script to do that would be much more fun, but I think it would probably cost me more time) Greetings mimesot
  9. Hmm. Did I really miss a deadline? I hope you adapted the name Aigyptos by nescio. What version did you actually commit. I hope it is 0.20.7 because there were some really relevant changes. Noted down.
  10. Sorry, i didn't notice that anyone else was editing the map files. I will provide version 0.20.8 asap. Hopefilly this evening. After that i will switch to svn updates each time I start the map editor. How can I provide a Link? Where shall I place the source file?
  11. Hi! Thanks for posting so many helpful remarks. :-) The sea trade thing is indeed very strange. I already played games, where the Persians started sea trading with the Carthage via the gulf of Cyrene and Suez channel successfully, but the Romans wouldn't participate in trading for no appearant reason. I just tried to play as Romans and successfully traded via sea with the Persians. I also hunted down that stupid deer, who was keeping the doors open. (The problem was the deer was marked as belonging to player 6) Unfortunately I wasn't able to recreate your bug. Would you please post a screenshot. I updateed the map description (and forgot about something, darn it) I strengthened the persian economy and the memphis military to enhance balancing. What shall we do about the map name ? All canges can be found in the first post, update 0.20.7. Greetings and good night mimesot
  12. I addressed the problem and posted a map update. There is now a shallpw seabed in the gulf of suez. This makes it easier for the persians to conquer the red sea territory and allows bypassing the mighty fort, which was created to block the north south route, and not the east west route anyway. I firther fixed some small problems and added some eyecandy to the vast date palm forests in the delta. Find the update in the first post. Greetings mimesot
  13. I hope I can manage to provide one soon. (busy times) Indeed, a reference to the time frame is a good idea. With the Kush in the south, the romans in the north west and other invaders present, egypt split between the traditional and hellenistic influences you could even call it "The last days of egypt". It is interesting to see the AI fight heavily over Memphis while contiually obliterating the place. Unfortunatly map versions with Cyrene enabled as playable instead of Siwa don't work that well, because battle zones are almost exclusivly shifted to the north. Nothing left for the Thebes to worry about. It just expands happily through the nubian desert and great sand sea. What actually does work is a 3 vs 3 with the three egyptian parties against the invaders. The problem here is, that the alliance along river nile is quite strong due to obvious geographical reasons. It is necessary to provide the invaders with benefits. Especially giving the southern oasis Kharga to Siwa as a expansion increases the pressure on Thebes incredibly. This balances the game but still leaves Persia in its separete position with basically just two paths for entering the african mainland. I could possible enhance this by creating a shallow place in the red sea (where the small island is located). What do you think? Greetings mimesot
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Removed one hero on Thebes (black in skirmish, dark brown in editor, why's that?) player. Overlapping temples in Thebes: There are so many overlapping temples, so I guess you are referring to the two apdemak temples. Correct me please, if I'm wrong. I changed those two facing to the south the to be an actor and placed fences beneath them as blockers. Balancing Persians: You are right in that the Persian player has the most free space within its starting area in the beginning. This becomes especially true, when you compare it to Alexandria, who must (!) expand in order to even have enough space for farms. This is why the natural expansion in the delta exists, which of course will be harrassed by the Persian player. On the other hand, the Persian player lacks starting buildings, has no wonder, libeary or theatron and has the hardest time expanding into new territory. Condensed ... I am not happy with that too. It was more of a working title than personal preference. I chose that supplementary word in order to addesse that everything-compressed-into-a-single-spot nature of the map. But the primary reason for having such an addition was simply that I didn't feel It was appropriate to occupy the title “egypt“ all for myself. Didn't you ever plan to create a genuine Egypt map for your portfolio? (Especially since this map starts with full citties and thus does not offer a usual gameplay. A map subversion devoid of any city buildings is planned, but would either need an indestructible atlas-visible-only blocker entity in the stock game or some modding efforts.) I am open to all suggestions. AND: I uploaded maps with the recent changes (=v 0.20.4) in the first post. Greetings mimesot
  15. Thanks, that explains everything. I just uploaded a verion compatible with alpha23 in the first post of the thread. No player and environment subversions yet, but they will follow in the next few days, s well as small fixes. You can download thus version for reviewing the map.
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