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Found 3 results

  1. This is my first time making a topic here I believe. Of course, my memory isn't exactly the best but lets not dwell on that. This here is a place to throw up concepts and ideas for all to see for review, constructive criticism, and inspiration. Perhaps even garner support for someone to aid in making the mod a reality. Mods can be either implementing your favorite franchises into the game to duke it out (example Warhammer vs Warcraft), to suggestions for gameplay elements for other people to use, or even concepts you've conjured in your Original Setting that you have in your head. Example: If you have Ideas for the modding community to use or make, pitch them here for inspiration or review. If you like an Idea, be sure to click the heart of the post and copy past it into your computer just in case.
  2. This is more of an interest check than anything, as well as a place to ask for help or discuss the mod. Would people be interested in a mod like this? Would anyone like to help? Is someone already making a mod like this and should I give up? Sadly, I don't have anything to show at the moment but an idea. And a link to a discord where development will be discussed. Development Discord link: https://discord.gg/9AGJ2ya
  3. Hello, i know that it is 0ad but i am hopeing to form a team or become part of a team that would like to bring some Fantasy type content to 0ad, ie. magic type upgrades, expanding magic users Ie Healers i want to bring alot more things into the mix, currently learning fully how to mod 0ad but so far i am just wanting to get some peoples ideas about this type of mod List of current ideas please if anyone else has ideas please post and i will add to our list
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