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Found 2 results

  1. As there has been plenty of criticism concerning the new alpha, i am feeling the desire to make a list featuring changes that i consider huge improvements and points of criticism that i dont necessarily agree with. Of course this is just my subjective opinion, but my points are often related to general principles. 1. Game has more depth, as champions are now viable option, adding another dimension to lategame. Each faction basically got several new units. 2. Counter system working better. Spamming sling or for new alpha archers isnt really a viable option. As soon as melee units enter ur supposedly op group of 100 Archers and those melee units are even equipped with upgraded armour, ur gonna be in a pretty bad situation. You can react to game situation, countering what the enemy brings on you. 3. No dance. Dancing is Bug abuse and very nub thing to do. Point. !. 4. Civs are more balanced. I am not afraid any more when choosing to go with random civ, bc at least in lategame all civs have decent units ( champs) and offer decent winning chances,turteling until you get so far is more easy now with forts and towers. Gaul Brit and Ptol are no totally op eco civs any more 5. No GG (siege) deathwalls, even large amount of siege can be killed quite quickly when attacked with swords. This keeps the game more exciting, even if one player seems to have built up op army. Even horse archer spams die to good micro, towers and the right unit composition. Same for all cav strategies. 6. Game looks more nice. 7. Most of the criticism is just not true. Game is to slow, u cant rush etc is just not true. Yes, cav rush is more hard, u need to think twice if you can enter certain areas with cav, if ure enemy spams women though, like it is the case in many tg, its still gonna be worth it. Last alpha you could expect to get attacked by cav almost every game, this version its much more unclear whats going to happen. Also, if you want to fight early u can rush with units, archer rush since min 5,6 can be a succesfull strategy, i managed to beat better players then me using that strat, and also have been beaten by skirm rushs ( without total nubness happening). Also you can just decide to take brit and use dogs. I know each of this points can be discussed endlessly. I know most of this has been discussed in the thread " why is a24 not nice ? ", but i do not only want to give an opposing opinion but also change the tone of the debate, as the outcome of the other debate can more or less only bee: criticism is not true. What i really want to express though is that a24 is quite good and a step in the right direction.
  2. Ok. my new ideas after playing 1v1 in Bactrian skirmish. Add champion Mercenary camp, an special building that adds Champions mercenary units only. Add less building restriction for Colonies and CC. Add Galatians mercenaries as optional from their actual Thracian Black coat. Add Bactrian Cataphract as mercenary and some hostil few units in the map. A technology that increase outpost in late. Women are rare trainable in early, I don't see why is feeling unbalanced. or why need high recruitment prerequisite in all faction. Personal request, I want if want take my audio sounds to test it before be committed to main game(vanilla) Military colony upgrade a CC. Have 1v1 Scythian map. too much lag, normal size. Add neutral market to maps are part of Silk road.
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