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Found 4 results

  1. Another DLC same as Rome 2 and Attila.
  2. Hello everyone ! I am currently working on the "town bell" behaviour, which we shall call "alert" as bells aren't appropriate for this historic period. When I began the work, some threads on the forum made me think of a system with two alert levels, ie. a 'normal alert' mode where female citizens, unable to defend, would be garrisoned, and a 'red alert' mode where every unit is garrisoned. In the red mode, war units could for instance increase the attack of the building in which they garrison (I have not yet implemented this idea, I am waiting for the replies in this topic.) Nonetheless, many people didn't see the interest of such a system, and would rather have a on/off switch system. I open this topic to discuss this. Tell me what do you think of the feature, and in the case you want a on/off system, what 'level of alert' do you want (only female, or every unit, or in between). All ideas are welcome ! The patch I have written so far is here : http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2154 I also need artwork for the buttons, please visit this topic : http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17703 Thanks !
  3. Why Seleucids only used Greek settlers where are the mercenaries? why catapultes aren't mountable and dismounted?
  4. It may be too much to ask to plan for a full-featured Graphics Settings menu screen for the game by Alpha 15 (December 2013), because the config system may need redesigned and a GUI redesign is currently being discussed. So, what I'd like to discuss is the possibility of a simplified Graphics Settings Menu screen for Alpha 15 and until the full-featured menu is ready. Basically just a simple screen that gives three options: Low: Basically everything turned off (e.g., nice water, shadows). Medium: The current defaults. High: All the whizbang featured enabled. All the stuff players currently have to enable by editing a local.cfg in a text editor. Just select the option you want, then click 'Apply'. It'll close down the game and relaunch it with the appropriate settings enabled. Probably just writing a new local.cfg ("settings.cfg"?) and loading the game back up.
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