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  1. No problem! Anyways, it's Sunday, time to get the discussion back to the game! This game in fact;
  2. Very interesting points. For the record, I observed two good games last night (the 2nd one will feature on the channel as this weeks game, btw) - and I observed closely if any of the players appeared to be autotraining. I'm somewhat pleased to say I don't think any of them did, and yet they matched what I could achieve in terms of rapid unit production with autotrain just by their own skill. That motivated me to practice a bit without autotrain in Single player - and using the insight I got from using autotrain, I was able to elevate my unit production. Not as good as with it, but it showed th
  3. In a real, here and now sense, where does this leave us? In reality what is the etiquette when I join a multiplayer game? Should I willingly advise I have the mod and know full well how to use autotrain? How many other people actually use it? nani suggested that no pro player uses it to win a fight, but at the same time suggested that they do use it in some capacity.
  4. But being a mod, you could argue any player has the 'right' to access it if they choose. Also being a mod, there isn't a way to disable it in a game setup to ensure no one player benefits from it. It opens a contentious can of worms I'd not previously considered. It relies on player honesty. Thats never a good thing! Strangely, I've found it totally helped my eco - certainly in the areas of the game where I struggle - which seems to be negotiating phase 2 into 3. I may be an edge case, but I found it transformed my strategic play - in so much that I was able to devote more att
  5. Hi nani, Yes, I really only targeted the most obvious features - it's pretty impressive just how many things you've crammed into the mod. It's a piece of work for sure One thing that has come up in the comments on Youtube - the autotrain feature - honestly, is it cheating? I've been testing it, and I'm producing at a far higher rate than I could ever manage using my own limited 0AD playing skills!!!!! I just crushed an opponent through sheer weight of numbers where otherwise it would have been a very close game. I feel if everyone had access to it within the core game it woul
  6. First mini-episode covering 0AD mods Gone for an established classic this time, will be working through similar common mods first, then branching out into the more leftfield ones after.
  7. And for a bit of a laugh, here is a preview of the thumbnail for my first 0AD tutorial Hope someone produces a mod to put those hats on the units of new players in the game!!!!!!!
  8. Well, most of the games I've covered (with a few exceptions) always features players of a rating of 1500 or lower. I love watching elite players doing their magic as much as anyone, and I'd love to get chance to cover those higher rated games more, but I personally I find it much more real showing games with players of a more typical ability, so new players will never be excluded. In fact, I covered a Noob 1v1 match a few weeks back;
  9. Finally got to feature a team game on Corinthian Ishtmus
  10. Was brave and did another 4v4 again!
  11. Great new match commentary on Youtube from @badosu. And check out that mod. What do you think, would that be a useful addition to my match commentaries?
  12. I like your posts, dude. It doesn't matter whether you write a lot or a little, none of it ever makes any sense whatsoever. Delightfully cryptic.
  13. It's Sunday - and this week 0AD Newbie Rush actually contains a game between two newbies, and funnily enough it does involve a newbie rushing! . While perhaps not a game for the purist, those with a little more experience will probably be shouting at the screen for the players not to do what they're blatantly about to do, while newer players might just pick up a tip or two upon witnessing these two new players slugging it out
  14. And the games will be coming thick and fast now;
  15. In special commemoration of the first broadcast game from the tournament, 0AD Newbie Rush have produced a special one-off collectible T-Shirt
  16. First game of a very rapid series from Derek O's 0AD 1 v 1 World Cup July 2020 Tournament
  17. It's Sunday, so that must mean...
  18. Thanks for posting that, dude. interesting insight, and actually, very interesting channel overall. And if anyone is curious, the theme music from my Youtube vids is a chiptune rendition of the finale of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. I found a free midi file of an arrangement of it, checked that it had no licensing conditions attached to it and replaced all the instruments with arcade synths. Well, it was either that or hire an orchestra
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