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UV mapping Addons and workflows

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I was wondering if anybody has any tips concerning UV mapping. So far it has been really time consuming and frustrating for me, so I tried some Addons. Textools does a good job for stacking similar UV islands. What I'm still missing, is a fast and easy way to pack those stacked islands. UV packmaster seems promising, but is quite expansive unfortunately. How are others doing that stacking and packing, all by hand? Or is there a better basic workflow in blender that I'm missing? I'm happy for any help!

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14 hours ago, vhconana said:

Can you describe it in more detail, I don't understand

To safe texture space there is a need to put similar islands on top of each other. Addon Textools does a good job. Press "Similar", "Align World" and "Centralize" to stack. But I'm sure there are better ways.


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