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  1. I would disagree with that statement. This thread is about adding nice animations when the blacksmith is doing something, which is cool. The impact on player knowledge is next to none since you have the global search bar already. I don't see a reason why it must be added to all buildings either. @Stan` I vote you activate this.
  2. Even simpler: don't show the civ in the diplomacy panel :p
  3. Yeah, I agree that we need more, smaller metal mines. I think it also overvalues grabbing territory solely for metal, which is odd.
  4. Yes the difference is that units look near the resource they were gathering and not near their own position when the original resource is depleted. This does lead to the issues you've noted. This change was introduced somewhat by accident a little over 2 years ago, to fix a much larger bug (introduced by unrelated changes), and basically (though I did notice the behaviour like 1.5 years later) neither I nor other people thought necessary to change it for A24. In hindsight, it's probably annoying enough that it should have happened. All I can say is "shame". It adds a bit of micro to
  5. The fact is that it's possible to dance with infantry too, using fancier methods. That being said, there was a lot of disagreement and debate about turn rates, as the dev that originally proposed this change wanted even slower values. You might noticed that cavalry turn rate _is_ lower than infantry turn rate, though heroes haven't been particularly singled out. I think we might increase global turn rates slightly, but there might be other changes in A25 that make these concerns irrelevant. ---- Edit: and to be clear, from my personal perspective, I would prefer higher turn
  6. You must be aware wrong, because they all lost 100 resources 50F50W for archer/Jav and 50F/30W/20S for slingers.
  7. The rams auto-targeted the tower near the houses, it seems, and then since there was no path there, went to the 'closest reachable point", i.e. the corner. The thing is that since they fail to move, they should switch to another target... But that new target is again the tower . Yeah, bit of an edge case here. It's fixable, but has performance implications, so not sure we'll do it now.
  8. That's correct, IP should only be revealed if the correct password was entered. Note that I think for the DDOS described earlier, only the IP needed to be known, so if you IP didn't change it's still possible you'd get DDoS-ed in principle : /
  9. I did some profiling and I found it inconclusive. Jumping from SM45->78 meant we paid the price of the Spectre fault which means that equivalent speed is good IMO. The improvement in SM91 is theoretical at this point, but in principle Warp should make things faster. At this point in JS I have identified a bunch of slow code: - Gathering can take a lot of time (mostly because ai AIProxy messages) - Finding new targets is slow / combat in general - Researching something is generally slow (modification messages are sent) - Changing ownership / Renaming / Diplomacy updates
  10. I mean we already have an auto build for windows and people don't play, yet all you have to do is redownload svn if you don't want to deal with anything That being said, I do think it would be a good thing to get more play testing, more regularly. Maybe not at the start of a new release cycle though - we want people to play the last alpha to see how it works/find meta, and we want to merge stuff then that might need some more feature work. But when things are starting to be different we could definitely release 'previews' to the next alpha.
  11. To actually run the cinematic, you'll need to trigger the cinematic. You can look at the cinema demo triggers on how to do that.
  12. Unfortunately, that's likely to be basically week 1. I am trying to think of a good solution, but it's not that easy, because there will be engine changes as well. If we were to release a bundle per week or 2 week, you'd have a high change of bug/OOS complicating the balancing test. It might still be worthwhile, but we'd definitely need an auto-updated of sorts. I do feel a mod to track A25 changes would be more appropriate, but it'd definitely have to be custom-made for A24, and hope that engine changes don't completely change gameplay. --- The problem is that fundamentall
  13. Can you clarify which change you're talking about? We certainly want to avoid this type of situation. If you no longer voice your opinion, your opinion will _indeed_ be ignored. 'We' are not some secluded private studio with a completely opaque decision process: every diff and commit is available and open-source on https://code.wildfiregames.com. You literally have no reason not to voice your disagreement or concern with changes there. It's possible a few diffs get committed without player consensus, but I want to highlight that this really isn't how things have been done in gener
  14. It seems that your are missing the "fmt" library. Depending on your distribution, this can be in a variety of packages.
  15. The fact is having conflicting hotkeys with instant actions is a bad idea. The order of keypress will lead to different behaviour, which is inconsistent and unexpected. The solution is to avoid conflicting hotkeys, or have a 3rd action (such as a mouse click) to trigger the actual thing. There's actually no case I can think of where it's really problematic, except indeed this control group thing. Maybe there's a few other lurking, but I would somewhat doubt that.
  16. I can confirm that, it's the new expected behaviour, which fixes other (unrelated) issues with hotkeys. However this remains fixable by fixing the control group behaviour to work more like normal selection. I made #6064 to fix this for A25. In the meantime, just release the # first. That seems weird, are you sure?
  17. I think that's because of https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-esr78/rev/9fad778aa3291ef630338bc568453a79faa37089 It's already been reported at 5986 but for pratical reasons I haven't done the update for this release.
  18. They do search for resources near the rally point (that hasn't changed). Really it's only annoying for trees on scarce maps, because units kinda move semi-randomly, but I wouldn't say it was great in a23 either - IMO 0 A.D. has annoyingly small forests on most maps.
  19. Yeah that's exactly what happens actually. I think there was already behaviour to do that in A23, but maybe it didn't work quite the same. My recommended "fix" is to simply make more dropsites, because efficiency goes down very rapidly with walking distance anyways. This is something I'd like to fix for A25, but it's not that trivial
  20. In "real life", slingers would have large ammo capacity, longer ranges, and much deadlier ammo against un-armoured troops, but I think they'd be far less efficient against shields. Pilum and javelins are few, short-ranged, but you don't stop one. Yeah that's my bad, UI isn't great there. I think players will find out via osmosis. --- Overall I think archers & can archers remain definitely a bit OP. Elephants are strong if left unchecked, particularly since unlike rams they can't be killed by women, so you need real units. ---- No idea about the house hotkey.
  21. You should assume that no mods are compatible until they get updated, there's been a lot of changes. Modders will likely update quickly.
  22. Can you clarify what you mean by "blurry"? Screenshot maybe? What OS are you using?
  23. Yeah, we'll update the download links with a fixed package. Unfortunately the few that will download in the meantime will need to find the forums. We noticed an issue in the manual but not in-game unfortunately. Thanks for reporting this anyways
  24. Hey everyone, Following the release of A24, we've had a number of issues reported. First, make sure that your game is clean and up-to-date: Deactivate all mods. your config file should read 'mod.enabledmods = "mod public"'. See GameDataPaths to know where it is Clear your cache. Likewise, consult GameDataPaths if you don't know how to do it This will fix most of the issues you're likely to encounter. Secondly, here are some know issues: Spanish translation is broken. The 'fix' is to switch to another language for now. We'll fix this soon, so you'll simply b
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