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  1. I personally think pro players should behave better and set an example of good conduct. Arrogant pro players drive out people who just want to have fun with their attitude. I prefer mediocre players in a nice environment than playing with very good uneducated players. I think this is also seen in the rise of password games. A toxic pro of >1500 attracts toxic players and kicks normal players. It's not nice to play like that. Pro players should also feel a bit more responsible for the community and not just focus on playing with each other. Regarding mods, I think their contribution is contradictory. On the one hand, they enrich the game, but since they don't have a massive fan base, they also fragment it excessively. It's kind of annoying to be turning the community mod on and off to find a game. Lastly, being a player for more than 5 years, I think I miss seeing the game reach a more stable level of balance between factions and units. With each alpha it seems that you have to relearn how to play. Sorry for my bad English. I only speak Spanish and use an automatic translator. Greetings to all. See you in the game.
  2. I played many in previous Alphas and now I have time to play again. I have found that there are no moderators and that some pro players are quite toxic. It seems to me a more serious problem than smurf accounts and other bad practices that are easier to control. So, in addition to what administrators can do, I've considered using these simple rules in the games I host. Sorry if they are somewhat poorly written because I use an automatic translator. I like the rules that Norse Harold puts into his games. I think they are good for creating a friendly and fun culture around the game, however I think it is possible to simplify them to make them more effective and focused on the worst current problems: the toxic behaviors of some pro players. I would like to know your opinion about these rules and your suggestions. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English. I only speak Spanish. See you in the game. Rules: 1. Be kind and helpful to newbies and other players. 2. Toxic comments can lead to immediate expulsion 3. Pro players must set an example of good behavior. 4. Don't quit or leave early. Play as a team and share resources.
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