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  1. kush actually is one of the worst civs of 0ad (is not the worst). First: they have archers phase 1, that is very bad because archers is the weakest of the 3 ranged citizen-soldiers of 0ad (slingers, skimishr and archers) Second: the houses are expensive (150 wood 10 pop) instead the britons houses for example (75 wood 5 pop), Third: they lack of siege,elephants are weak even massed they die very very fast, and the last thing imo is the heros of kushites, they are bad compared to other civs , you should try britons or ptolomies (best civs by far). about spartan champs cav: champs in Alpha 23 ar
  2. Round 1 and 2 Romulo vs Stockfish Romulo vs Stockfish.zip
  3. i signup too, am from Argentina, South America timezone
  4. commands.txt metadata.json
  5. op tactic commands.txt metadata.json
  6. for boudica commands.txt metadata.json
  7. i upload wrong file sorry... here is the good one (i think). well the other was a borg game. i will delete that post. imr quit here rate: true Nuevo Archivo WinRAR ZIP.zip
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