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  1. Thanks for the games, @vinme! BTW, I organized and zipped your replays, so that anyone can just unpack it into the replay folder and go. 2022-05-04-vinme.zip
  2. While I like these suggestions for improvement, reading all this just makes me want to play a nice regicide. I wonder how many times destroying a CC with the hero elephant has been done successfully. Almost every time I saw someone going for that, including myself, the elephant hero died in the process. It sure can work with good support from your allies, but that rarely happens.
  3. You are right. You could actually try killing the bear in this situation. Or briefly walk away with the majority of builders to let the bear out. When you place a building on a unit and try to start building, the unit tries to leave the space to allow the construction to actually start. One problem is that units like chicken or sheep move rather slowly, so it can take time for them to leave. Another problem is when the workers block the way out as is your case. Killing the animal will allow to start building over it, but you won't be able to collect any meat anymore. A bear is actually a great food boost early into the game, so it's mostly better to keep it if possible.
  4. I could imagine giving new players the option to become a "certified noob" and get a nice badge next to their name. To make this realistically work, we'd again probably need an automated hosting service. I kind of doubt a person would care to keep reviewing noob games, but I might be wrong. It might be a nice idea for a small hobby project to set this up. Remind me to look into this when I retire. It could kind of look like a special campaign game you could play in the multiplayer lobby when you want. A bot would keep track of your progress and make it visible to others in the form of badges or other. Sounds like fun to me. (Edit) A few ideas on how the campaigns might look like: Survive for X minutes on the Survival map. Gives you a bronze silver or gold Defender badge, depending on how long you can hold. The rush challenge. A small map with scattered groups of enemy soldiers. Your goal is to make a decent attacking army early and clear the map within a time limit. Get various Rusher badges, depending on how fast you can clear the map. The boom challenge. Get a Boomer badge depending on how fast you can reach a certain population number. The hunter challenge. Lure as many animals and gather as much food as possible within a time limit. I mean, just keeping track of these results would make nice additional leaderboards. I've often heard people boast about how fast they can grow or something, so imagine there is an official, automatically managed leaderboard for that. What do you think?
  5. I bet he didn't see @seeh that coming! And yeah, I suppose the gather rate is the same for all tree types.
  6. I regret that I wasn't very active during the test playing. Anyway, I just gave the new release a try and... wow, the game is now so much better! So smooth, clean, calming and beautiful. You've really done a lot of work during those past two years. I usually had to get used to each new release, but this just one just instantly feels better. Also thank you for the auto-training feature. It's a lifesaver for lazy players like me. I won't longer throw games just because I don't feel like batching new units to be trained. I wasn't closely following the development, so I missed that there was this much going on. I'm quite amazed, honestly. Interesting, I did pacman -Suy on Manjaro and I can't still see it there. Anyway, I use the swap version, so running snap switch 0ad --channel=latest/beta did the trick for me.
  7. Thanks, fpre! I did that and tried rebuilding again, but the problem appeared again.
  8. Hi there, I'm sorry but I've encountered a problem with the build on Linux after I svn up'd to the recent version. make clean and rebuilding the workspaces didn't seem to fix it. It says that that enet/enet.h file is missing. I have previously installed libenet and it also built fine like two weeks ago. It seems I won't be able to join for some test playing today.
  9. I think your units were performing a dance dodge:
  10. That really fits! You are very likely to have to go save a Mauryan ally in a team game.
  11. Such savages! I wouldn't expect them to also be the Persian Immorals.
  12. Kushites seem to be people of puns. I see you started with relics, so it's Shanakdakheto who comes to mind. She slows down the gather rate for all enemy female citizens by 15%. I think you could say that... she moves the enemy eco... into Shanghai-da-Ghetto. OK, I'm out.
  13. I believe that if you watch some ValihrAnt's videos and reinstall for the fifth time, you're gonna make it. But as nifa and Nescio suggested, playing with multiple bots (some allied) can really be another interesting way to ease the difficulty and make the game more fun. Honestly, the bots can sometimes be better team players than some of the humans.
  14. Just let him pay for something he doesn't need if that's what he prefers. Maybe I should have charged for my advice too because it can't be good if it's free, can it? If I were Loki1950, I'd have to add: Enjoy the Choice!
  15. Thanks for the reply! I'm glad that the videos helped. ValihrAnt has many more on his channel, and watching other people play can be a good way to improve at your own game. I specifically value the fact that you are willing to abandon what didn't work in favor of something better. Trust me that there are some mistakes that almost all new players make, yet many are really stubborn and refuse to learn. You deduced very well that one of the main goals of the game is to grow your population as fast as possible. At some point of your growth, economy techs become worth researching, yet it's often a bit later than ASAP. Also you need to balance your growth with how your opponent is growing, so that you aren't in a position when he has many more soldiers and you can no longer defend. When you're talking about ranged units, they really are good at dealing damage. On the other hand, melee units are much better at taking damage and they don't die that fast. Having a balanced army of different unit types is consequently almost always a better choice. I'm just mentioning this because there are a lot of new players that make an army of only one unit type with the greatest damage, neglecting all other properties. The commerce thing you've mentioned is probably either trading or bartering. You need to build a market for either of those. Once you and your ally have a market, you can produce trader units to generate resources by automatically going between those two markets. You can actually also trade between two market of yours, the more distance between them, the greater the income. To start trading, you either set a rally point from your market to the other one before you train traders. Or you can just select the traders you have and right click the two markets you want them to trade between. You can also set the proportion of different resources you're getting from the trade after selecting a market. Bartering is just an instant exchange of one resource type for another, yet there is a variable fee you pay for doing that, so it's only worth up to a certain point.
  16. Hello, DanW58! All I can hear is that the challenge presented by the AI keeps you motivated to keep trying again and again. No, I understand what you're saying. There had been concerns about the Easy AI being too hard (that's why Sandbox was added), but then there also were concerns that the Very Hard AI is too easy. I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed out that there is a big difference between Sandbox and Easy. Maybe the distinction could really be tweaked a bit (which isn't very hard to do), but it might be hard to find what works well for a majority of new players. I think that an alternative solution might be to provide a better tutorial so that the newcomers really know what they have to do to win the Easy AI. I'm pretty sure that you'd only need to do one or two things differently in order to start winning against the AI. If you can post some of your replays, we can give you tips. If you don't want to do that, it's highly probable that the tips are contained in any of the following two videos:
  17. I suppose it's just a Google Translate plugin. It probably has little to do with the forum system itself.
  18. Wow, I didn't know my Spanish was that good.
  19. It's making me sad that my fact checking of DoctorOrgans claims is viewed as taking part in the flame war. This reminds me of the saying "If you argue with an idiot for more than five minutes, there are two idiots arguing", yet still one thing is arguing and the other is refusing to accept that there are lies being said about you. Perhaps a better solution would be to request to ban him from the forums. I can't really even remember seeing him post anything helpful, or on-topic. It's just three things on repeat, regardless the topic. Let's see what the admins think about calling other members boring, putting words in their mouth, telling them to get a job (thanks, I am self-employed and doing well). I don't think such behavior helps the community.
  20. I'm available over the weekend, starting now, any time you want. Let's see who is making excuses.
  21. I'm not surprised that the meme character has problems choosing which button to press. He's been presented with two choices that are both well-known to be incorrect (to anyone except DoctorOrgans). Sorry to disappoint, badosu, but it's hard to make a comeback. Without greatly lowering my standards for a discussion, that is. After being proven wrong in everything he says, DoctorOrgans switched to expressing himself with irrelevant pictures. Perhaps my simple English, which he considers to be of an academic level, failed to convey the fact that I'm actually willing to participate in a tournament. I seem to be unable to say that in a way he can understand, but that might really only have to do with the conflicting fantasy he is living in his head.
  22. The real idea of coming up with with brackets of such arbitrary sizes is so that you can hope (based on your other arbitrary rules and the small number of active players) to get included in a top category and keep saying that you are higher class than specific other players. I can clearly see how you had problems finding who to put in the silver category to also omit me, but it's ridiculous how you include several other players that don't have a history of beating me more often than not. I don't also need to be a psychologist to see that your inclusion of roscany is rooted in your denial of my previous claims about the imbalance of some of the games you posted. Either a display of your developing insanity, or a lame attempt at trolling. I don't feel angry writing this, I just feel that it barely is worth commenting on. I think I might be up to participating in a tournament hosted with normal settings, fair-play enforcement and badosu's balanced maps too.
  23. It's funny that I actually expected your next post to contain the phrase "common sense". When you get totally devastated by facts and arguments, what else can you do than trying to dismiss that using vague phrases? Maybe also add some more emoticons for emphasis? Of course, you can also try putting words into my mouth and end it all with unsolicited life advice. I take this all as an unusual way of expressing agreement through an emotional denial. There are some more facts for you: It's just you who regularly refers to this gold / silver / bronze classification. Also, I've never seen anyone except yourself claim that you are a "silver player", yet there is even a thread where several more reputable disagreed with that. It's just you who obsessively puts it in every other post. This makes me think if you even responding to me, or if that's an argument you are only having with yourself. Things don't become a fact when you repeat them more often. Saying that you don't care about the TG performance after we just discussed just that based on the replays you posted doesn't make the results look any better for you. BTW, Stockfish, sorry about hijacking your thread. Hope you are enjoyed.
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