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  1. Hello everybody, Today I present you an 0 AD tournament from the German youtuber CigarO. It is a German tournament, there fore I write rest in German. Um sich bei dem Turnier anzumelden muss man dem Discord Server beitreten[https://discord.gg/sHW6KnD] und im Channel 0AD-Turnieranmeldung folgendes ausfüllen: Name/Nickname im Spiel: XX Spielerfahrung in 0.A.D.: XX Mikrofon vorhanden?: XX Iternetverbindung: XX Startpunkt: unbekannt Teilnehmer:10 mfg Ougaming
  2. my Programm ist written in Lazarus....and iam not a good programmer....and I have not enough time to learn a new programming language...maybe anyone can help me.
  3. I take the stats from the Manual....thx for your Feedback. I try to improve my Programm. In two or three weeks I publish my Programm.
  4. I think. Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks I can present my first success.^^ But I create this topic to discuss new stats for different Units.
  5. Hello, I wrote a Programm to compare unit stats. It struck me right away that almost all catapults have the same stats. More differents between the stats will bring more alignment on tactical activities for each Nation.
  6. here is the topic on the top of the topic u see a complete list of discord servers
  7. Maybe a ticket system is a solution for ranking leavers... You get.... 1Ticket for leaving after a hour 2Tickets after 2 hours 3Tickets after 2hours and 90% lowe points For.... 1 and 2Tickets warning 3Tickets= Maybe 10 min ban from ranking games 4 Tickets= 30min 5 Tickets 1 hour . . .etc.
  8. Can money used to adjust a programmer for the game?
  9. I think a other good way could be making devs stream or tournaments to collect improvement suggestions....but pls announce the stream ingame(like in shell shock live) so maybe more people watch the stream...we need publicity but the right publicity.....
  10. For Athens(or other greeks) Gymneten( i know we have actual Psiloi but it is only a collective) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psiloi https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymneten Spartan https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agathoergoi elite inf( Agathoergoi ) elite cav( Hippeis) sry for only German articles maybe you find it in english
  11. Cool a 0AD Twitch streamer. Have you discord? Because than u can adverising your stream on discord.
  12. Should we open a new thread for vidme? Or can we use this one also for vidme videos?
  13. ok sry you are right, you must spell the game on twitch "0 A.D." and i always spell it so "0AD" or "0 AD".
  14. Yeah....but than you must do something for that....we aren't on twitch so how you can find a streamer who plays 0ad....0ad is not a game on twitch...we have some youtubers, but nothing more...I'm also a little youtuber but why should do some videos on this game(i have made 3-4)(We must ask what is our strenght, what can we do what others can't do)... we must do something and not saying "it is only an early alpha" and do nothing....we must say "it is only an early alpha but you can help us to build the perfect game" we must try out new features and not saying before it is to early...the ranking system was a good step but we must do the next step and improve our ranking system(with servers, or clan rankings, or later esl)..the community is the key for this projekt.... Edit:(sry for my english. Iam from Germany)
  15. We need neutral hoster for a good ranking system and wfg server were perfect....but i think before wfg rent a server we must dicuss how to pay these server...and how many we need...
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