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  1. Thanks a ton everyone, I appreciate it!
  2. Yeah, I try to attack with siege machines as well, but it always seems like I have less units than the attacker. I guess that's something I should work on improving, so thank you
  3. Hello, I'm still getting to know the game like the new player I am, and I find myself struggling when it comes to combat. I never make the first move and become overwhelmed when attacked because I lack units most of the time. So, in an attempt to learn more about attacking and defending, I want to ask you people how you personally do it. I'm not asking for a guide, like "do this, then that and that", of course. I just want to know what you do and how, things like; When? Do you prioritize enemy units or enemy buildings? Do you destroy or conquer structures? Which units do you depend upon in your attack? If you know, do you take the enemy's units into account when making your own? Does your army vary or do you just use one or two unit types? Are formations used? I would love to know, and hopefully it will teach me as well. This isn't a questionnaire, so feel free to add information that I didn't ask about.
  4. Good to know, thank you very much once again!
  5. Thank you very much, I think the json file will have to do. I read it and found that my name, and the other Greek translators' names, are under "LangName": "Deutsch". I assume it shows the language above, right?
  6. Hello, I am creating a document for future reference, where I will include things I've helped people with, as far as text editing and translating goes. I have translated and reviewed a large portion of the game in the Greek language, so I would like to include that in my document. What link should I add, that will allow me to prove it was actually me and let whoever enters it see the text? Thank you in advance!
  7. As a matter of fact, @Itmsdo you happen to have a Discord account, or any place I could reach you for easier communication?
  8. And I assume I'll be posting here, right?
  9. I can't provide my own voice most likely, sadly.
  10. Hello again, and sorry for the bump @Itms I assume it's ok since you told me? Can you please give me a quick rundown of what exactly is needed right now?
  11. I'll see what I can see, thanks for mentioning.
  12. Hey, I just want to say that if you'll be doing anything for Ancient Greek, I'm native Greek and can help give the correct terms and pronunciation if needed
  13. You could start by doing what it says, "Please let us know at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files."
  14. But since they are merecenaries, they are not from the same civ and therefore don't need to be of the same color, right?
  15. The animals' purpose is to provide food so they should generally be easy to kill in order to allow fast and easy access to the resource. If you're talking about the animals that don't drop food and are hostile, such as tigers, I don't see why they should be harder to kill. I do agree on us being able to tame them, however. It could be an interesting implementation and add a new level of gameplay. How do you suggest the animals could be tamed?
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