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  1. You mean Delenda Est. I tried it alredy, i dont like what he did with the civilians. He made only military allowed to build military buildings and a few other things and i am not keen on only cav being able to hunt.
  2. Is there any mod that makes so the games work more like AOE2 in relation to civilians and the military units? What i mean by that: -Civilians can build any build and collect resources, but are weak fighters. -All infantary cant collect resources and can only build a few select buildings (Barracks and outposts (not defensive towers) and maybe the fort. In my opinion, that makes more sense (i dont know if it realistic/historical but makes more sense in my head) since a soldier would have to spend more time training and fighting than learning how to build things. Yeah, some things they would know how to build, barricades, simple towers, and soo on, but a harbor? A "temple"? Doesnt make sense in my opinion. Ps: I know it would make it very close to AOE, please dont bring it up for no reason.
  3. Putting money on it is something i know for sure that you guys wont need to do it.
  4. Actually, he only doesnt make videos oe stream it (he said he might play it tough) because he wants to be contacted by the devs to do that (idk he want permission or what tough).
  5. I understand, but i think it would help you guys if Resonance22 would make reviews and soo on as the game develops. Especially since he worked with the AoE2 HD team, he is able to give much better and more based balance (and other things) suggestions/tips. And if i am not wrong, he is bigger than the ZeroEmpires.
  6. Devs of this game, you guys NEED to enter in contact with Resonance22 ( https://www.facebook.com/Resonance22 , https://www.youtube.com/user/Resonance22Channel/ , https://www.twitch.tv/resonance22 ) and talk to him and see if he can review, make videos and soo on your game. He is a very well know (if not the most) player/streamer of AoE 2 (HD), he worked with the guys that made AoE 2 HD, he is very well know about how the AoE 2 system works, makes a lot of videos about balance, strategies and soo on. If you guys get in contact with it, he will be glad to help you guys, play it and soo on. Ps: Sorry if it is on the wrong place, but i think you guys would benefit SOO MUCH from him covering your amazing game.
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