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  1. I will have some pictures by the end of the week, hopefully during the weekend I'll be able to upload some. We don't have access to our workshop and storage due to the current pandemic, but we have plenty of pictures form past events, and some of our members have their own equipment at home. first: Here are some questions that me and my colleagues have: are there any copyright issues that we need to be aware of? For example, if we provide you picture of ourselves, but taken by some photographer, is that an issue? Do you require ceratain license? How are the images used exactly? Lemme know the practice in your community. Second: one of my friends, which a romanian archaeologist, Andrei Mihai, says that the reconstructions for the houses above are dated (mostly based on peasant houses from the last century in Romania) and he has some up-to-date reconstructions. He speaks highly of http://dacians.romaniadevis.ro/ which has 3D reconstructions of various forts and cult places in Romania, and he can attest they are based on solid reasearch (the sources are mentioned in the descriptions of every recontruction) I also have a bunch of pictures from him, and drawings from a renowned ilustrator from Romania, Radu Oltean. What is the normal way to share files, I've got quite a few pictures. 3rd: do you want me to classify the fighters / equipment in classes? light infantry, heavy infrantry, chieftains, priests, and whatnot? 4th: is there a mod or a way to see the current state of the dacians in game?
  2. Sure, I can make it happen. What exactly do you need? Military equipment, civilian? Individual weapons/shields? Profile picture and frontal of dressed people? In military gear? Males, females? Uniform background? The more speciffic, the better.
  3. Hey peeps. I happen to know Russian: Fig. 64 The hillfort "Bâtca Doamnei". Reconstruction version and plan, after N. Gostaru Fig. 59: The hillfort "Scoc" Fig. 32: Reconstruction: 1 getian house; 2 the settlement Hansca-Limbari Fig. 26: Version of reconstruction of the hillfort Mășcăuți Fig. 20: House IV-II centry BC; 1,2 - stone masonry (the sketch is based upon photographs from G.D. Smirnov's archives); 3 - reconstruction of stone house Fig. 18: Reconstruction of land dwellings: 1. based on author's materials; 2 - after G.D. Smirnov I'm also part of a reenactment group called Terra Dacica Aeterna, we're reenacting romans, dacians and sarmatians from early II century AD, the conflicts of Trajan and Decebalus; if you need reference images, more documentation (not much available in english tho), and can give you a helping hand. We also have in our group historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists, so I can relay your questions to them. We're easy to reach via facebook, https://www.facebook.com/TerraDacicaAeterna/
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