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  1. Lion.Kanzen's post in the sound suddenly stop [not related] was marked as the answer   
    OK, is Win10 problem, same problem playing AoM. but the driver suggested by Stan didn't work
  2. Lion.Kanzen's post in Outdated version? was marked as the answer   
    Very outdated
  3. Lion.Kanzen's post in Unit XP was marked as the answer   
    We need balance the units for each faction. So that was the reason.
  4. Lion.Kanzen's post in Game immediately crashes. Is SSE2 a requirement? was marked as the answer   
    in the next release, months may be. Because in developer version is fixed now.
  5. Lion.Kanzen's post in AI difficulty was marked as the answer   
    Try to create a strong economy than pass to the next phase.
    This way you can produce more military soldiers than the Ai the first attack is near to minute 14 , another tip is use 150 pop limit in your settings this way you learn the si uses less soldiers and you learn how manage a little population. Is proportional the attack , I recommend perform a house wall to protect your farms. And build some wooden tower.
    -I use 150 pop because the lag issue-
  6. Lion.Kanzen's post in how to capture animals was marked as the answer   
    Its a planned feature not implementen yet .
  7. Lion.Kanzen's post in [RESOLVED] Trader bug after market destroyed & new market built was marked as the answer   
    to order a route you need click in market and and then click in the market B.
  8. Lion.Kanzen's post in [RESOLVED] Error SVN revision: 16287 was marked as the answer   
    Ok I was Solved myself Deleting and update Public folder
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