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  1. What happens if elephants turn passive and deal damage as they run around?
  2. To make archers unique, what if archers have circular splash damage: same damage as normal, ~1 meter or less range with friendly fire. Then, if they miss and hit a different unit, it would still deal damage.
  3. The Iberians run into trouble with certain skirmish maps due to not having their prefabricated stone walls. I understand that it would be a pain to make every map have an Iberian wall circuit, so until automatic wall building is functional, I would recommend changing their civ bonus. My idea is that you shift it to being able to build stone walls in village phase. It would make sense with the text, and shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  4. Here are a couple suggestions with regard to walls. For one thing, palisades could have 2 upgrade paths, one giving them wooden walkways (garrison) and the other allowing them to be built in neutral/enemy territory. In addition, walls might be able to be captured, but you could garrison melee troops on top, which could attack any capturing troops. Maybe you would move the other troops to a similar level while capturing? Siege towers would be able to capture the walls. This way, you could attempt to storm the walls without making walls super complex. For this, you should probably increase garrison limit.
  5. I think logistics would be very important, but at the same time I think it doesn't need to be at the tactical level. My idea is that you have each population drain 0.1 food per second from the global pool. It shouldn't be too hard to calculate food cost-the AI already calculates population, and you just need to drain food based on population. The other thing is that ammo should be important. Perhaps slingers, whenever they fire, would take 0.1 stone from the global supply, archers 0.1 wood, javelineers maybe 0.2 wood, and catapults and bolt shooters taking 1 stone and 1 wood respectively. It would add a cost to ranged units, so that you have a balanced army, but at the same time it means ranged troops are still capable. To manage supplies would just involve checking materials.
  6. Yes, melee troops should be better than ranged against buildings. I believe Alpha 24 is adding a damage wrapper, so perhaps add a damage type siege? Then you make enemy buildings immune to all other damage types.
  7. Does multiplayer 0 AD use LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) for connections? If it is LAN, would there be any way to permit long-distance connections?
  8. LOS for ranged units could be done by granting them linear splash damage instead of/in addition to regular damage. Then you check if it deals linear splash damage and if so, you delete the arrow. That would add some lag, but since you would be using linear splash, which is implemented, it shouldn't be a huge amount.
  9. In the map Polar Sea, then all your units use slaughter against arctic wolves. Arctic wolves' attacks have longer reach than slaughter, and they can rapidly kill units which are using slaughter. To replicate: open the map Polar Sea, choose any group, and attack arctic wolves. This bug does not occur when you start a test scenario with arctic wolves. I am using Alpha 23. This is seriously disrupting ranged units in Polar Sea. Can you please fix this?
  10. For starvation, I think that using total population and taking, for example, one food every ten seconds per unit be how it's applied
  11. Perhaps have palisades have two upgrade options: Fieldworks or reinforced walls. Fieldworks would be able to be built in neutral/enemy territory and would be faster, but would be far weaker. They would be used in combat, so having archers build some fieldworks so melee troops can't hit them easily. Reinforced walls would be stronger and able to garrison 1-2 troops. Finally, ranged troops should not be able to shoot through walls. Just check on a line: if it passes through a wall at any point, the shot only hits the wall.
  12. In addition, in Xenophon's Cyrus the Great, he mentions towers on wheels, from which soldiers could shoot arrows or fire javelins. Is leaving out Persian siege towers a deliberate balance design, an oversight, or just something not implemented yet?
  13. Heavily armed and heavy infantry are not the same. Just look at the skirmishers: they are heavily armed, but are not heavy infantry.
  14. By the way, looking at the code, spear cavalry have 0.5 prepare time and 2 repeat time. Combined with their high damage, that makes them very good at single-hit kills. If they are facing a sword cavalry, ignoring resistance, they deal twice as much damage normally + 0.5 damage bonus, which brings their damage to 3 times as much. They take 2 seconds to repeat an attack, sword cavalry take 0.75 second to repeat. Meaning that for a sword cav to do exactly the same damage in this model, they take 2.25 seconds rather than 2 seconds. Another thing spear cavalry are good at is attacking enemy line troops: they have better resistance, and if you attack, run, and then attack, you can get better damage dealt than if you stand and fight.
  15. Perhaps instead of/ in addition to the current system, you can recruit troops from an enemy building that gets captured. So for example, if you capture Persian barracks, you can recruit their javelineer, archer, and Shieldbearer. These would probably be 'auxiliaries' instead of mercenaries, though.
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