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Found 6 results

  1. I guys I made a quick mod to make these cavalry more interesting. Currently, they are basically bad, with much less dps and armor than swordcav. firstly: All axecav get +1 pierce, swordcav hack dps, a little less crush dps, and slower repeat time for differentiation (could be better for quickly dealing damage) This mod makes the hyrcanian cav a unique raiding unit, with a cost profile similar to skiritai commandos, only instead of the armor increase of training at rank 3, they receive a speed increase. They also drop more loot, have more hp. I kept acceleration the same as all melee cav. hyrcanian stats in the mod and patch: 160hp, 3 hack armor, 2 pierce armor, 100 food, 40 wood, 35 metal, 18.7 hack, 5 crush per 1.5 seconds, 20 m/s walk speed. also 22 second train time. To apply this mod, add it to your mods folder in application support (Application\ Support/0ad/mods/ ). I would love it if balancing people gave me feedback, preferably with some in game testing. axecav_overhaul_mod_v0.1.3.zip
  2. A while ago I wrote a concept for making playing Sparta seem more thematic through redesigning some of its core mechanics, giving it distinct early, middle, and late game options to explore. As the response was…not too responsive, I haven’t bothered refining it. Regardless, I want hopefully continue the conversation of increasing the options various factions offer from one game to the next by turning to the subject of Persia, which I find to be misrepresented. First I’d like to first explain the organisation of the Persian army. The numerical majority of forces in the army were provincial levies. These forces were typically not very disciplined and would serve as cannon fodder in many cases. The second kind of soldiers were practically a professional force that mainly consisted of Persians, Immortals. They were infantry, consisting of 10,000 men of which 1,000 were an elite force called Apple-Bearers, the best. In general, this force was a capable army, but the Apple-Bearers were the greatest of them (As a source, I would recommend reading “Immortals and Apple Bearers: Towards a Better Understanding of Achaemid Infantry Units” by Michael B. Charles.). Finally, the nobility formed arguably the best of the Persian military: the cavalry. Thus, having established this, I would propose that there be a provincial barracks. This would serve to train the levies, who would work as citizen-soldiers. Since they would never be professional and drill often, these units should not accrue experience. Their role should be primarily economic, but also should be excellent for dying for the greater good. The Immortal infantry would have two modes, archer and spearman. Hypothetically it could just be a unit that can switch between weapons. Either way, they should be able to beat most citizen soldier infantry, but be beaten by other champion infantry in straight fights. Their advantage would lie in decent reliability alongside multi-purpose roles. Naturally, being a standing army, immortals would be of the champion class. The Apple-bearer could be a number of things. For instance, Immortals could gradually gain experience until they promote into them. Alternatively, they could be a specialised unit that only is trained in one building. Either way, the Apple-Bearer's role should be roughly identical to that of the Immortal, only being much better at it. Finally, cavalry would remain largely the way they are, possibly starting at level two at the cost of a longer training time to reflect their elitism. Thanks for reading my ideas on the subject, and I'd like to know yours.
  3. I like Persia faction though, I have few suggestions to improve gameplay. 1.- Persia and many Empires of the time won battles by numbers more than having a real strategy, so my suggestion is: that basic foot troops, to have maybe less attack and health but be cheaper in order to mass them. The immortales able to be trained in the barracs, cheaper and less effective. link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_history_of_Iran#Achaemenid_Era My base for this are the many wars with greece, 1 hoplite is worth 2 or 3 persian infantry men due the training and the equipment they had. Also It is known that immortals received its name not for beeing "immortals" but if someone was killed he or they were replaced by others. "Herodotus describes the 'Immortals' as being heavy infantry, led by Hydarnes, that were kept constantly at a strength of exactly 10,000 men. He claimed that the unit's name stemmed from the custom that every killed, seriously wounded, or sick member was immediately replaced with a new one, maintaining the numbers and cohesion of the unit" link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immortals_(Persian_Empire) 2.-Where is Mardonius? xD I like the actual heroes except Xerxes, but they were all kings while Mardonius was a General a brilliant one. 3.- Scythed Chariots, first were 3 men as far as I know, 2 men where charriots from egypt and where smaller, so my suggestion is that chariots can shot bolts while moving, with a penalty of acuracity, horse archers too, second to be faster than infantry but slower than horsemen, though already, third to be able to cut people in half with the blades (in a way to speak). 2The scythed chariot was pulled by a team of four horses and manned by a crew of up to three men, one driver and two warriors. Theoretically the scythed chariot would plow through infantry lines, cutting combatants in half or at least opening gaps in the line which could be exploited." link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scythed_chariot All this maybe difficult and complicated but I and many others really like this game, and really want to aid to improve it.
  4. As a 0 AD fans, i am asking the team is it possible to give Persian players an alternative option to raise provincial levy and foreign mercenaries? My Persian provincial levy and mercenary list: Anatolia and Lydia: Hoplite mercenary Carian assault infantry Egypt: Egyptian Marine Kushite Clubman Levant: Phoenician Marine Saka Haomavarga: Saka Haomavarga horse archers Advantage: Provide player more options instead of traditional Persian levies. Capable of raising an army faster than raising a traditional Persian levies. Disadvantage Expensive, especially on logistics. Here's some pictures
  5. i have a metapost with 3 subposts: * "Celtic Post" The celts were very fierce, but poor on techjnology, that means that the only way for the celts could lauch a huge attack is on forest, in open terrain are very very very very weak, we can implemente as there: O means on open terrain such as desert, F means forest, the unit that i talk is B * Britons: O infantry: 4 F Infantry 11 O delamokludda = 10 F delamokludda = 19 O chariot = 23 F chariot = 16 now the gauls: O infantry: 8 F Infantry 9 O solduros = 17 F solduros = 13 why?????: the britons were more "savage" more noise, naked, fierce, indomit the gauls were more disciplinated and good metalworking, that explains my idea * Note the Calvary "except Carbanto" don't recieve a positive or negative impact of it * Persia: * the persian melee infantry were of the worse infantry on 0AD world but is very very very cheap, we could implement with 8 hack the infantry and 12 the champions but with the 60% of the actual cost, the rest of the units are untouched by the change * Mauryans: many many many many soldiers, but few technology, we could implement it, i'm talking about melee infantry: B = 7 hack A = 10 hack E = 13 hack the champions don't recieve any impact of it B means Basic, A means Advanced, and E elite
  6. I just spent around 3 hours on Atlas starting an ambitious Persian map. I love Babylon and all those legendary ancient cities of Middle-East and I am a bit frustrated by the lack of giant towns in 0 A.D. (also because for now I suck in the game and never reach a decent development stage), that's why I'm making what I call a Capital Town. To make it feel even more impressive, I've set it uphill, standing over the desert like a massive fortress. I started this map by heavily modifying the existing map "Saharan Oases". I don't know if this map will end up with a scenario, or at least interesting to have into the game. Anyway, I can't wait to add people inside it. Feedback is welcome ! As you can notice on the bird view, I didn't succeed at having a fade out from the dune material to the rock material. Atlas is mostly new for me.
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