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Found 3 results

  1. I guys I made a quick mod to make these cavalry more interesting. Currently, they are basically bad, with much less dps and armor than swordcav. firstly: All axecav get +1 pierce, swordcav hack dps, a little less crush dps, and slower repeat time for differentiation (could be better for quickly dealing damage) This mod makes the hyrcanian cav a unique raiding unit, with a cost profile similar to skiritai commandos, only instead of the armor increase of training at rank 3, they receive a speed increase. They also drop more loot, have more hp. I kept acceleration the same as all melee cav. hyrcanian stats in the mod and patch: 160hp, 3 hack armor, 2 pierce armor, 100 food, 40 wood, 35 metal, 18.7 hack, 5 crush per 1.5 seconds, 20 m/s walk speed. also 22 second train time. To apply this mod, add it to your mods folder in application support (Application\ Support/0ad/mods/ ). I would love it if balancing people gave me feedback, preferably with some in game testing. axecav_overhaul_mod_v0.1.3.zip
  2. I played the Anglo-Saxons and figured out the Cavalry can build buildings. Is this a bug or a feature? Should cavalry really be able to build buildings?
  3. @Alexandermb, @LordGood, @stanislas69, would it be possible to give cavalry a (short) loop rein? Minor details such as this make the game more enjoyable, at least for some people. Closed reins are well attested throughout Eurasia (even for horse archers): Greece: Romans: Han China: Bactria: India: (Yes, I believe I've requested this before somewhere, I don't recall where exactly, hence me starting a new thread).
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