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Found 5 results

  1. Have you every thought of holding a small piece of land against an enemy ? To gain more time to prepare for an attack? Answers the questions and ask any more questions are answers to them.
  2. One of the problems I see with the game is that walls both types don't go up 30 degree slopes in hills but units can. So I get gaps at the hill edges. is that a known issue or am I missing something. It is usually these gaps that allow the enemy to bypass defences and rush early. Perhaps another form of wall buildable on steep slopes. Spiked abutment. Lower hit points than a wall but can only be built in 30 degree slopes and hill terrain. Stops enemy rushing around the wall hill gap. Yes I'm a turtle, so shell me. Even on easy we are not able to get deep into the game because the AI can b
  3. I had an AI opponent that walled off an area with barracks and houses but in the process trapped itself. Due to the terrain where the wooden wall was made up of short zig zags that were all too short for a gate. It had a huge army but they could not participate in the battle until I used a ram on the palisade wall. Then I got owned by the avalanche of angry units. I won in the end. It was clear that the AI could not detect that it was trapped and delete the wall. A sally port might be a solution. A port one wooden wall unit wide with limited unit rate. If this is a duplicate move it app
  4. Hello guys In headquarters.js is a function named "buildDefenses". In this function is the line: queues.defenseBuilding.addItem(new m.ConstructionPlan(gameState, "structures/{civ}_defense_tower")); In this way I can tell the AI (_petrabot.js) to build defens towers, but what about walls? Does anyone know a way to do this or have any idea? Thanks for your time and attention.
  5. Are walls useful in any way? At the beginning I found out that enemies can easily find their way around walls. After some playing I found a kind of tactics that prevents attacks. Place some towers around your center in a positions where they will be able to shoot over the wall. Then build the wall. It is good to use natural obstacles, like hills or map edges. You can start doing this at stage 2. After transition to stage 3 you will have a wall and some space outside of it. Now the most important part. Build short sections of wall going outside from the main wall. Like this: _|___|__|___ B
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