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Found 2 results

  1. In the original design, every civ had acces to only 2 kind of champions, except Carths (2+1 elephant champ). Then came the Seleucids, and to avoid a big roster of then, the paired tech was made. Mauryan also had 4 champs (3+1 elephant), and that was given as an special civ bonus. Ptolemies have all cavalry champs, so they get the pikemen for balance. But then some random champs were added for greeks civs and persians, killing some of their special uniqueness and historical realism, because I don't know if that units were used by them. They were scenario units only.... Altough I understand that maybe there was some balance issues for Sparta and Persians. I try to not make more design topics or discussions, but I just wanted to remember that for the new civ. And maybe also that Stoa is not a correct place to train them. Is like train mercenaries in the market. I would suggest to swap the building for the mercenary camp.
  2. So, playing agains the AI, I have realized something. It never makes champs. No matter how much time I give it to build up it just upgrades its citizen soldiers. I know the AI has a lot of metal, food, and population so why doesn't it make champions? It spams citizen soldiers non-stop.
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