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  1. How about a bonus modifier which makes everything cheaper in terms of metal for forges?
  2. Wait, I thought CCBYNC can't be sold?
  3. I still don’t understand why people don’t like the farms around CC. It has been a stable for basically every RTS game. What needs to be done is more bonuses the more stuff you control. Like getting a bonus’s to gathering if you are in own territory. Territorial expansion takes too long.
  4. I have a lot of friends in the Philippines (originally from there), so maybe I could help.
  5. I mean, isn't most of 0 AD built from the ground-up? I mean, don't we create all of the art that we use, or use things that are free use/uncopyrighted?
  6. You better credit Microsoft with that Warchief's Expansion Pack Art :)!
  7. This is I think the place to put this topic, but I'm asking this question because many of the other gaming communities below 10,000 members have a discord on reddit. I am wondering if someone could create something like this. Thanks!
  8. In my experience AoE 2’s just rushes. Basically, stop the first rush, gain map control, and you win the game.
  9. Wasn’t one of the complaints the fact that there weren’t any counters? If we go and re-implement unit boni, then the problem is solved. I never understood why people didn’t didn’t like hard counters.
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