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  1. How about switching weapons?
  2. Wait, I thought CCBYNC can't be sold?
  3. I still don’t understand why people don’t like the farms around CC. It has been a stable for basically every RTS game. What needs to be done is more bonuses the more stuff you control. Like getting a bonus’s to gathering if you are in own territory. Territorial expansion takes too long.
  4. I have a lot of friends in the Philippines (originally from there), so maybe I could help.
  5. I mean, isn't most of 0 AD built from the ground-up? I mean, don't we create all of the art that we use, or use things that are free use/uncopyrighted?
  6. You better credit Microsoft with that Warchief's Expansion Pack Art :)!
  7. This is I think the place to put this topic, but I'm asking this question because many of the other gaming communities below 10,000 members have a discord on reddit. I am wondering if someone could create something like this. Thanks!
  8. In my experience AoE 2’s just rushes. Basically, stop the first rush, gain map control, and you win the game.
  9. Wasn’t one of the complaints the fact that there weren’t any counters? If we go and re-implement unit boni, then the problem is solved. I never understood why people didn’t didn’t like hard counters.
  10. I would love to pitch in and get one of the orchestras that I play at to go and see whether or not we could record it live.
  11. If I recall correctly, Spring Engine (which is what Zero-K, and Spring 1944 run on) doesn't work that well with melee.
  12. I mean, how Byzantine Skutatoi should be better than the Fyrd spearmen of the Anglo-Saxons. Like, are there any noticeable differences between the base units of the different civilisations?
  13. Does Millenium AD implement the mechanic where the base soldiers of each faction are slightly different? For example, in vanilla 0 AD Spartans have the best base spearmen of all of the factions.
  14. Is there any mod which has guns in it? I would like to see whether or not the ballistics physics of 0 AD could be used for something like Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, except with some more features. Also, could you make tanks in 0 AD, and are there examples of mods which have things with fast moving projectiles like guns/cannons?
  15. While there are Anglo-Saxons, are there going to be Normans? Although, they could be mercenaries, or a reform so that the Anglo-Saxons could transform themselves into England.
  16. Xanthippos, for the Spartan general who helped the Carthaginians. Maybe we're going to have an improved Sparta/Carthage?
  17. How close are the art and units to being released?
  18. I wonder what mods the Great Leader has for 0 AD?!
  19. Um, for Sins of a Solar Empire, it is nearly impossible to rush, especially if you choose anything besides TEC Rebels (since you don't care for pirates), or Vasari Loyalists (because they have general buffs for all ships). I mean, Sins is a fairly slow game, even slower than 0 AD because of the fact that you need to first fight over every planet that you need to colonise (or destroy ships that can bombard the surface). 0 AD also doesn't reward turtling that much because of the way resources and territory are handled. If you turtle too much, then your enemies are going to easily be able t
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