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  1. How close are the art and units to being released?
  2. I wonder what mods the Great Leader has for 0 AD?!
  3. Um, for Sins of a Solar Empire, it is nearly impossible to rush, especially if you choose anything besides TEC Rebels (since you don't care for pirates), or Vasari Loyalists (because they have general buffs for all ships). I mean, Sins is a fairly slow game, even slower than 0 AD because of the fact that you need to first fight over every planet that you need to colonise (or destroy ships that can bombard the surface). 0 AD also doesn't reward turtling that much because of the way resources and territory are handled. If you turtle too much, then your enemies are going to easily be able to siege you out some way because of the dynamic economy pulling you down. You need to kind of "rush" to get that territory like in other strategy games.
  4. As in like batch training except instead of five riflemen, 1 sergeant, 1 machine gunner, 3 riflemen.
  5. Ok, so here is a list of things that can and can't be done in Pyrogenesis. Feel free to add to it. What can be done: 1. Platoons 2. Melee combat 3. More than one type of building supply (like stone, iron...) 4. Capturing besides points, like buildings 5. Really good animations Spring Engine: 1. Large amounts of troops without lag, so better optimization 2. Supply drops 3. GUNS!
  6. I mean, I really would love to see which is the best open source RTS engine, which is kind of why I made this thread.
  7. I mean, we are the first game if you look at Open Souce games on Wikipedia. That should be some advertising already!
  8. So in the battle royale of general RTS enginee I have selected three to compare. I am comparing Spring Engine, Pyrogenesis, and SAGE. Spring Engine has the games Speing 1944, and Imperial Winter, Pyrogenesis has 0 AD, and SAGE has the C&C series. This will not be a game discussion, this is a discussion of the technical aspects: which is more optimized, which has the ability to use guns, which has the ability to do meleé better, and so on.
  9. Is health a floating point value? How do you get it to not due weird things, as floating point values get messed up a lot of times.
  10. I wonder if they'll make unit cards in that art style for regular Total War: Rome II.
  11. If you got the Ubisoft Collector's Edition, it still works on my Windows 10 Computer. Don't know for AoM, as I never played that, though. Also, does the DE have formations? That's what got me into The Conquerors more than any of the other AoE games. The ability to macromanage formations, and why I still think it's the best of the games (at least better than AoE3, which kind of removed formations).
  12. We should do trample like in AOE 3. In AOE 3, trample was an ability which made cavalry do extreme amounts of damage (like are of effect damage) but it took 1.5 times the damage.
  13. For me, 0 AD has the hardest treaty AI, but the easiest Rush AI. To beat any AI, just rush citizen soldiers like crazy at their base. The only problem is that past the 15 minute mark it becomes nigh-impossible, as it can easily out produce you.
  14. As the guys in EB say: when it comes.
  15. I thought the question is: what are the technical differences between the 2 engines? Like what are things Bang can do that Pyrogenesis cannot, and vice versa?
  16. Wasn't victory points the reason why people got extremely mad at Total War Rome 2? I believe it lessens strategy and should only be used in very certain scenarios. Like in a campaign: capture the city. That is the only time, capture/victory points are acceptable.
  17. What I think, is that citizen soldiers, champions and regular soldier need to be having different stats. For example, modeling on the Hellenic Army, you have the Hoplitai Haploi, Hippakonistai and Akonistai first tier, the regular Hoplites, Tarantine Cavalry and Peltastai 2nd tier, and lastly you get thorakitai, polemarch's guard, and Cretan archers or Rhodian Slingers. Hoplitai Haploi, and Akonistai, and Hipp-Akonistai would have the ability to gather, and in 2nd and 3rd ages you gain the capability to train better soldiers, where the rest come in.
  18. My idea is to make the fields an option. Like in the options or multiplayer menu it says, "Infintely Regenerating Fields, or Fields that every X amount of harvests, you have to replant.
  19. Wait, slightly off topic, but can someone explain to me why we did not want to include the Epeirotes in this game? I think they should be a part of the game, as they were relevant to Rome's rise and the fall of the Hellenes.
  20. Excuse me if I am not in the right section, but what programming language is Pyrogenesis coded in?
  21. What does this add to the game? Not being trivial, but I think it might bloat the game up for people who want to play the game. Keep it simple and just have farms, and "cash crop" farms. Cash crop farms also need to cost food in addition to wood to make up for their usefulness too.
  22. Why wouldn't you classify them as trash units? They are glorified male villagers in my experience! I haven't played in many multiplayer games, but more people eschew them for the female villagers.
  23. Also, maybe the regicide person is weak and not a hero (like AOE 2). You start with a fortress and have to garrison he building with the hero.
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