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  1. The fleur-de-lys one.. This one isn't in the game, is it?
  2. It is not ironic. I just said it is a very good work and i appreciate it? Is that suppose to mean i think he is upset about it I googled two times yesterday night and now, yes i found an article about Wessex people building it. But i also said i think single civs are covering for more. It doesn't matter anyway. ? It also came up in the mind, but there must be a room for few button. I thought about if multiple choosing is possible, but probably it is not :/ However, i got the point Thanks for the answers. I guess the ideas is not welcomed at all. There is nothin
  3. No of course not. I don't have much idea but its either filler or something remainder of Celts civ. Anyway, by the "civilization" for Stonehenge i was talking about Britons, i don't remember i specified Gauls Like i said, i support adding alternatives to the game, but i also say not to remove what currently exist. The motive is simple: why destroy it if it doesn't hurts? I am actually asking, is there anything (like in game engine) preventing it? I think accuracy is not very reasonable, and i guess civilizations cover for much more than they are (for instance, in my opinion Gauls f
  4. I think it is the best wonder in the game by looking. Including the Stonehenge, instead of removing them from civs, they should be kept for variation. There is city re-constructions and they are fun to do. And i am sure many of the people even finish the matches before building a wonder, so what difference is that making? I know, they both are not fully accurate to the history. But what is wrong with adding structures as many as could be? Many of these wonders are not alive today, and do a player have to mess with Scenerio Editor to see them? I also think it is a pretty good way to get t
  5. I was selecting the cav, and honestly it was early game, i thought it would pass by itself but it didn't. I asked to my ally if am i the only one, or is it a bug. I pushed to the few buttons to close it, but then i gave up. You are probably right. I should've make some research before open this topic. But i am %99 sure i didn't pushed anything before that.
  6. I know, i did not pushed to anything and im sure I also tried to close it. But okay if it not possibly a bug, maybe i am wrong.
  7. This happened during a multiplayer match. I think its a bug. I have the save.
  8. I already did. It really doesn't matter, like i said. The main point is, it is one of the civs to add easily, for experienced ones i think it won't take more than 1 week work. Diversity is always good i think. But i am saying it again, if few entities belong to the Macedonians in the game, either in Atlas and the game, it is not necessary to add them. Thats why i asked if its been though of before. Like i said, it'd be another faction and few details added at the result Really, it was just an idea. I thought that would be a good way to present the Anatolian part of the Alexande
  9. I was waiting for an answer but it's been an hour I want to expand the idea. The structures can be taken from Macedon or Seleucids. Units can be taken from lots of factions. For instance: The culture should be Anatolian in base, Hellenistic in military. Temple can be changed since the folk is believing to Cybele. And we can add few Agrarian buffs in a technology called "Cybelean Traditions". So for balancing this faction with others, they will have better economy and maybe a little bit cheaper units. Or it can be just ignored, since they are retreating to the Macedonia after the
  10. Quick Update: I realized Demetrius Antigonid is already in game. Maybe Macedons already planned including the Antigonid dynasty. I'll look for modding guides tho, but my modeling skills are big zero. Is there a specific guide for adding factions to the game except the Modding_Guide page?
  11. Wow, long time since i created this topic. I have an idea, i know there won't be any factions. It means extra work but i realized Antigonids could be added to the game very easily, there is Theban models and very alike with Antigonid infantry, they can be created by pulling things from the Selecuids-Macedonians and Atlas properties. Also differencing them is so easy from the others Well those who ask like "who are they", They owned the Western Anatolia and Northern Syria and controlled the most of the Alexanders Empire after Seleucids. Antigonus I lost the Battle of Ipsus while tryin
  12. @Genava55 Okay, i think you have a point. They separate from the same arm, but there is almost 600 years of partition (until the BC400) I don't know which geography of Gaul is being imaged for the game, but if its more Southern France, there is a huge distance (for that times) And it is possible to these languages differ at few points. Of course i agree with you. The both languages from the same arm: ethnonyms, toponyms even an incredible amount of words would be same. I saw two videos yesterday, but i am not sure how professional is them. I am sharing for detail my idea. (There is
  13. If @Genava55 is responsible from both of them, i can directly deliver the resources i find to him. I just found few here and here. There is also books like Dictionnaire de la langue gaulois , but it is removed from the web, and to read them French and a little Greek knowledge is needed. I realized French resources are more than the English ones, so this is the reason we can't find anything (maybe). There is few "Gaulish" words can be used at game, i pulled from the first resource. (For curious, these are from page 48) ambactus - vassal, dependent on the lord. attegia - hut, cottage
  14. @Stan` Is there a another specific topic for Gaul sounds or the language part in general? So that i'll send things here.
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