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  1. Very nice buildings @Trinketos. We will have a debate in our team about this.
  2. An old work of mine for the mod. Right now i am working on mayan buildings and troops. But they are not finished. yet
  3. We would be greatful if you could share your textures with us, but we don't really need the 3d models right now as we have our own.
  4. For now we plan around 3 European Civilizations and 3 Native : England, Spain, Maybe France or Russia and the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas.
  5. Thak you @stanislas69, we will take a look at mod.io, looks like a cool feature and very useful.
  6. Yes, also Crossbow and for mounted units.
  7. Heres a "Flag" we may use for the Aztecs, it is based around the historical symbols of the Aztecs and the people of Tenochtitlan
  8. Also anybody of you guys has steam so contact can be easier ? I want to know if : @stanislas69 @Lion.Kanzen and maybe @wackyserious
  9. No we do not have an animator, but i have some basic experience. Yes the mod will be free lol
  10. So after long time of halting the work we are back and we will continue producing stuff.
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