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  1. Update (for those who thought the mod was completely dead or something, I know its been a month of inactivity pretty much) - I have been trying to get Vasikle to work on the mod yet I think he is just bored of modding for these few months :/. So for now I will be creating like wiki pages I suppose, using FANDOM, which I will post info on and subpages for each faction, etc.
  2. @Palaiogos We will be doing monthly articles on mod db, for each nation I suppose. I am currently in the process of typing up the unique faction bonuses, buildings and unit tables for England/Great Britain.
  3. Article 1 is now uploaded onto the mod db page - link - https://www.moddb.com/mods/oniversalis-age-of-exploration It is currently unauthorized so will be readable to others in a few hours or 2 days at most...
  4. An article on how the mod works, how it reorganizes things different to the base game and what new features it will bring (things like resources, new building types), will be posted tomorrow on mod db.
  5. Just the EU digging its own grave further, another example of its desperate attempts to clinch onto its sort of dictatorship power... At least in the UK these new laws will not affect us.
  6. @Palaiogos Though I have the complete age of empires 3 collection on steam, I have yet to actually play the war chief expansion pack, however now I understand why people comment Age of empires 3 , might chance the background perhaps, but we will do the list of credits soon once we have the files more organized...
  7. @wackyserious Thank you for offering to share these resources, I shall leave Vasikle to respond to you/contact you if he wishes to use these and implement them into the mod.
  8. @Lion.Kanzen He is friend of ours sorry :D, he is currently learning how to 3D model for the game.
  9. Whether the mod files themselves will be open source or closed source is up to Vasikle, however in terms of information we will post in articles on mod db and developer blogs on this topic, all of our research and information, I am currently working on the general overhaul the mod brings including the reorganization of buildings, new resources, etc and then working on each individual faction in terms of their unit lists and buildings, etc. Again all of this information will be posted in dev blogs for everyone to see.
  10. -Oniversalis : Age of Exploration is a total conversion project for the game 0 A.D Empires Ascendant. This modification will bring the era of colonisation and European dominance of the world to the game. Oniversalis : Age of Exploration is set in the time period of 1492 (this is when Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage across from Spain to the new world, only reaching the mainland parts of Central and South America), and 1800 (we picked this year because this is when still a lot European nations had colonies around the world unlike later on when it is practically just Great Britain and France dominating the world, as well as because this is just before the industrial revolution in most of the world began to seriously take off, for example factories didn't seriously take off until after this date as well as a lot of industry still being rural). The mod as is the base game, is split into the 3 ages which you must research via your town centre, these 3 ages are "The Renaissance" for tier 1, the "Age of Discovery" for tier 2 and the "Age of Enlightenment" for tier 3. The player for these 3 eras will a course receive access to new types of technology as well as upgrades to current ones of the previous era (for example in the base game you can upgrade from having a wickers basket researched in tier 1 to a wheel barrow in tier 2), recruit different units (When you complete the research to the next era, you will notice that your units will change) and unique units for that specific era/tier. (however if these unique units are going to be unique for all factions, that is yet undecided). The thing that really sets this mod apart from other mods, is it's unique gameplay of gunpowder units as well as a variety of other weaponry and their use and evolution throughout the mod's matches, for example the renaissance will have access to gun powder units, however these will be very expensive to produce while developing on to tier 2 and tier 3 will becoming increasingly cheaper and will have more variety of uses. If anyone is wondering the gunpowder units will mostly work like the archer units from the vanilla game. Further more the mod focuses on slow pace realistic gameplay, with units being very expensive to produce as historically, most countries of the period the mod covers did not have professional armies until the thirty years war, however in tier 3 units will be much cheaper, than tier 1 and tier 2. The list of nations/factions included in the mod will be the following; Kingdom of England/Great Britain, Kingdom of France, Spain, Portugal, Ming/Qing China, Aztecs, Inca, Mayans, Iroquois, Mughal Empire and the Ottoman empire. Questions you may have? Will there be a diverse range of units for each faction upon release? - The answer to this question is no and has uncertainty to it. Indeed we plan on making each faction as in the base game have a completely unique set of units with different stats etc, but for the first release of this mod we will give the 2 European factions both the same set of units however we will try and include in this first release the unique units for the specific eras/tiers as mentioned above. Further on in future releases we will increase the unit diversity a bit, this will overall improve the quality of the mod, but we will try to keep the balance somewhat. Will there be unique building models for each faction on building types? - The answer to this is similar to that above, we do plan on making this for certain European factions but some European factions will have the same set of building models. Again in future releases we will increase the diversity for building models. Will the native factions be playable and have diversity? - A course we are going to include the native factions, luckily for us in the present day when for say the Spanish went around and conquered these people, they recorded everything they could find about their civilisations so we will try to do our best to make every native faction a unique one, we will only really include some major native powers such as the Aztecs, Incas or Iroquois. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask below, or if anyone is interested in helping in the development of this mod please contact me (Dan The Strategist) The mod's Mod DB page ---> https://www.moddb.com/mods/oniversalis-age-of-exploration Current things we are looking at doing - Cannon artillery, musket mounted elephants, possible introduction of new resources into the game. When the majority of the mod is done we will look at adding a what if Byzantine faction, just as a proper meme they will not be OP or anything but they will make for a extremely interesting what if faction. If anyone is interested in playing matches upon the mod's release please join the "Total War: Romania" Discord, from here we will host games and tournaments, using the code below copy and paste it into the text box when you click "join server" KmQz4AX Developers of this mod; - Vasikle - Dan the Strategist
  11. Hello, everyone after much time, me and Vasikle have decided to return to this mod, as of now we do not wish to make any major returns, however there will be a new forum page/topic for this mod soon, as well as the mod db page being updated with a far more in depth description. I very eager to show you our works, and we will take our time with this mod, and only promise to show work that is in game to be evident that it exists, however if we are sceptical about adding a piece of content we will simply have to make a showcase for it outside of the game as a image. Thank you for your patience, - Dan The Strategist (Danny), Developer on and Community Manager of Oniversalis : age of exploration
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