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  1. How do you put replays in 0 ad, because every time I put them, it doesn't show up on the screen? Also how do you have more than one replay at a time?
  2. I don't know whether this is the discussion of gameplay forum, but to go against champions, can't people spam artillery, archers and spearman as a meat Shield?
  3. You mean like Stronghold 2 with every time your citizens are happy, it gives you a crown? And you lose crowns if your people aren't happy?
  4. Then how come Third Age Total War could use them? Also look at the Divide and Conquer Submod. Why don't they get sued?
  5. Off topic but why is AOE3 better than 2? Also why is AOK better than Conquerors Expansion?
  6. I thought archers were the way to beat mass champions. Why doesn't anyone spam spear men and archers with siege weapon backup? Spear men are meat shields, and siege and archers beat the champs.
  7. Looking through many games on Steam, they aren't as good as 0 AD is. It would be cool to have it on Steam because more people would probably pay attention to it and probably get this game more views and more donations. Also there should be achievements once this game is fully out of beta and into release. Probably there would be a lot more people to help too if you put this on Steam as Early Access.
  8. Don't most of EB's sources either Coke from the first-hand accounts of the ancients, or books published on archaeological finds?
  9. This might be a little bit off topic, but I think you should do the same thing that 0 ad did for Carthage. You should make the Sarmatians kind of a mercenary faction because they also relied heavily on the Aorsi, Roxolani, and the Slavs. All of this comes from a mod called, Europa Barbarorum
  10. I think 0 AD is more of a clone of BFME 2 with historically accurate features instead of Middle Earth. If it is supposed to be a clone of BFME 2, then yes we should have battalion systems, except the bannerman would fight. It is historically accurate that bannermen were the best men in their regiments. If It is more of AOE, then no. I don't think it is Total War like because in Total War the just have gold. Nothing except food, and population (at least Rome 1, and Medieval 2. I haven't played the new ones)
  11. Aren't the Ptolemies still in an alpha state and they are still being worked on a lot?
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