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  1. Hi everybody, As some might have noticed, I haven't given signs of life for months, and I left my White Horse incomplete... Today I come back to apologize, and I attach here the .blend file + the model's texture (png), in order to leave it to you for completion, because I really have no more time available for 0AD, sadly... The model is basically complete, but it needs a recut of the land shape following the area circled by stones, and the other thing is to add various grasses and a few bushes on this hill This last touch is one that I awkwardly tried but didn't managed to achieve at all. Thanks a lot for receiving the model and fixing these last bits. If it turns out included into the game, it will be a great pleasure for me. Again, really sorry for having left it on "stand-by" for so long. Best luck to you all and to 0 A.D. I'll keep following the game's developement, but indeed, I feel I won't have anymore free time to give to its making. Mes meilleurs vœux pour la suite de l'aventure 0 A.D. ! WhiteHorse-Blend+texture.zip
  2. That looks perfect Enrique, thanks! I'm glad the game's farms are having these improvements.
  3. Glad to hear from you Tomas ! I like this sketch and indeed it promises much! Please keep motivation high on this image, I'm sure it will be a great one. It's definitely a sight that would mean a lot in the game's menu. Do your best !
  4. OMG this screenshot is sooooo fresh Thanks for it Lordgood ! The building is perfect and I really like the cypress that way, unless someone finds a way to have a more detailed one with the same polygons amount ! I love the look of these farm fields. Having them in 3D instead of flat texture is a real improvement. Is there some current work done on more variety in the agricultural fields 3D models ?
  5. Wraitii, congratulations, that is very nice. I'll look forward to the evolution of this beautiful minimod !
  6. Good work Tomas ! I like it, especially the mood of this wood with the hill in the background!
  7. Ah, I understand you. darn, I don't understand why so few games have a native support on Linux. Is it complicated to make ? Is it such a worry that they almost never include it in their plans ?..
  8. Hi Ivan ! Welcome to Wildfire Games. Your work is a delight. Thanks for joining us !
  9. Waow, congratulations Enrique, this is excellent, feeling very real and complete (the ears and the tail moving are good detail for that).
  10. I suggest to remove the tower (probably not necessary at all, especially if we consider the Lighthouse available i this civ) and to enlarge the building to have it much more in the scale of the rest of the structure. This building doesn't seem able to host what would come from such a large platform.
  11. Great work as always Enrique I'm glad the Lighthouse is coming true !
  12. Hi Duke ! Welcome aboard ! Good work so far ! I like how bulky you imagined the platform. It could be a good way to distinguish it from the dock of the other civs. I'd definitely suggest to keep this idea, it looks epic. On the other hand, I don't go for the building up there, because it's (to me) too much in the spirit of a temple, which is not necessary here. Could you test a simpler and more utilitarian building ? The figures paintings on the wall are also out of place here, I think. I recommend you to check the other docks from the game. I especially like the one from Mauryans, which is also the latest that was modelled.
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