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  1. Sorry but what do you mean by extra spaces (I'm a newbie to this forum ;-) THX
  2. Superb Work guys!! Smooth walkcycle! (Love the flappy ears ;-)
  3. Next attempt! Let me know what you think. Still some Props are missing and also a boat construction inside the dock but with 3085 Polys still some Polys left i think.
  4. Hi Wijitmaker, hope you don't mind that I send you an E-Mail with details so we don't get off Topic in this thread. THX for your help.
  5. Does this fit better in the 4x4 grid?? And by the way what should the polycount for These models? I have read in the ArtDesignDocument a number of 800 but the Art Dev Task track says i guess 4k-6k Polys?!?! And the Objects currently in the game have between 3k and 6k so i'm fine with my 1100 polys i guess?!? ( i know about the textures and unfinished lighthouse it's just for the size as i have huge Problems to export it from 3DSMAX and build an actor out of it to compare the in the MapEditor )
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah i knew it was to big and the house was just a quick dummy placeholder. My thoughts on this was related to Alexandria (wich is a huge city i know). But as the Egypt are known for architecture and maritime knowledge i give it a try. I thought that they were so advanced in architectural consturction with piers and wave breaker to give it this kind of look instead of ripped of wood piers. ;-) I will take your suggestions into the next layout and post the results here! I'm also in contact with an Illustrator for doing a sketch for this.
  7. Hi everyone, here is my first try on the dock. Comments are welcome. Props and details are missing and a construction of a ship in the dock needs to be done. Cheers Duke
  8. Hi LordGood, in this case i would choose the dock Task #2217 as i already did some research on it. Is it still available? And could you close this thread as i have no rights to do so. For the Dock I will open a new Thread an post my results there. THX and good night
  9. Of cause. But then I would prefere that someone give me a task to model so we are sure not to double the affords. (no organic modeling please it’s not my strength)
  10. Hmmm yeah sorry. I was a bit to fast then (or .enthusiastic ;-)))) Should had asked somebody first before starting modeling! Looking through the Art Dev. Task tracking thread and found the Temple with no one working on it. (Till yesterday when somebody put my name behind the #2220 Task ;-) So I give it a try! I didn’t know that there is still a model in the pipeline. So should I stop working on it? But anyway maybe there are some modeling tasks open that i could do? If you want??? It was just an offer. (But why didn't you tell me that in your first post of the thread ;-))))
  11. Awesome stuff on your blog Gordont! These are sketches every 3D Artist would dream off and motivated in building your ideas!! Exited to see more of your work.
  12. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  13. Hi Enrique, good morning all, thanks for your help fitting my first model to your in game graphics. I'm looking forward to the textures you wan't to send me. This is very helpful! Or i could do a request for original textures on the teams behalve on this website??? http://www.discoveringegypt.com/edfu1.htm "I have no objection to people using the material on this site for Educational, non-profit purposes provided I'm credited with a link back to this site. If you wish to use the materials on this site please Mail me and ask permission. Please remember All Text & artwork is © Mark Millmore 1997 - 2013." Could be useful for even more authentic stuff! I used these sides and the plans from this sides to get as accurate in scale as close. If there are any concerns about it please let me now. http://www.ancient-egypt.co.uk/edfu_main_temple/ http://www.nil-egypte.net/egypt/edfu.html So should the temple have it's original size/length or is the cropped version ok? (Post from Mythos_Ruler & Prodigal_Son) But it couldn't harm if you send me those models. So i can figure out some modeling tasks to match the affords of the game engine (transparency textures, multiple textures. etc.) Also is there any chance to get a bit more upload size? (500kb is a bit less) THX
  14. Update with Textures from your Texture collection. Still have to map the backyardbuilding and also some polycount adjustments but with 4812 polys so far i think i meet the specs with 8k-12k polys for wonders. Try to keep under 6k polys with props etc. The Pillars are cut into halfs to keep the polycount low (exept the big pillars in the backyardbuilding i have to adjust them later on) Cheers and good night Rolf
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