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  1. Hi guys again, long time since I have been here last time. I hope you are doing fine so lets get started. 1. Salamis- A drawing to color is finished, suitable for main menu, need couple of days (i hope 4-5) to accomplish it, while time in my case is scarce 2. My suggestion for loading screen I will develop: Athens with leader holding ship model on right and game info on right side + some info about Athens. And some joke at the end that a bit breaks storms above Salamis... I hope see you soon with some news... Good luck.
  2. Hi guys, hope you are doing fine, i finally found time to visit forum and post at least something new, but it will deserve more patience and time to browse around to keep up the pace with you. Here, to present you something new. I plan to make this serie of artworks for you, since now there is only one, but next one are slowly prepared to be on paper. And first of the sketches mentioned. Greek fleet standing face to Persian storm at Salamis,decisive victory that influenced even the present times. Coloring deserves many details and strong contrast, to underiline all the circumstances. Now I g
  3. I will see what i can do. I am working on another compositions, but for now, it will be this one. It needs some finishing edits still, need to clean up some pixel mess inside.Any suggestions or critique welcome please. Next time, I will probably come with some of Josh's suggestions and I add something mine. As you can see, I started to work more with centered and more complex composition than in previous two. Now i have deadline of my semester work at doors, but my work gets more stable and I can put more energy here. So far, I did not add any women, I hope I will bringg here some beauty as w
  4. Hi Josh..I will, but I need some time, I am overloaded with tasks in work...but now i have some more time and i will work on it during next days my friend!
  5. Very nice ideas, I can imagine them right now, unfortunatelly, the speed of my hand is very limited. Thank you anyway!
  6. Hi guys, sorry for delay of my work, but the employment take me lot of time and there is no time to finish work. This weekend will be finally time to accomplish all what has been started. Just to show you some work in progress, i upload this. Thanks for your patience my friends.
  7. That is great point man, you are right! Yes, I am historical fencer but the alignment of blade with arm did not come into my mind. Thanks a lot!
  8. Yes, anatomy is my weakpoint, i redo it. Sorry.
  9. ok guys, a piece with jumping Celtic guy is finished: http://callmevargo.deviantart.com/art/The-Line-Breaking-410670639
  10. Ok guys, I made for you this new piece -http://callmevargo.deviantart.com/art/The-Line-Breaking-410670639 ,maybe not right as a main menu screen. Thanks Lord Good for mentioning me, I will try to bring here something more to use for this purpose. You can ever read more in this thread: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17708 Thanks
  11. Thanks, I did not realise this. The arm with sword was formerly pointing towards the Roman, but now it really lacks on dynamics. And also the left hand position is also a bit not traditional. I put myself into fixing this.
  12. Thank you for the previous feeback guys, I take it with myself to next work. To repair the night scene with torches, I will come with another one , but now I have almost accomplished portrait oriented work in which there is much to do but you can see this version. And sorry for my counter-roman attitude, don't worry, brighter times will come for them. n.1 : The breaking lines First to the portrait oriented artwork series. What comes next? Will you blend with the night and join a party of Britons to take back their homeland?
  13. This one will be improved, and next will come. Thank you guys for feedback yet.
  14. I like the idea with wolf as symbol of early Rome, I woluld be not so sure about two headed eagle because that was used in late medieval by Palælogos dynasty, maybe christ's monogram (PX) was more commonly used in the east.
  15. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17708 here you find all of mine. I will try my best.
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