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Found 2 results

  1. The term persian empire even if originally referred to the achemenid persian empire is often used as a generic term for all the empires, sultanates and dinasties that have ruled the region through history and corresponds more to a region or culture than to a state. We should consider also, the different meanings of persia: -The geographical region. -The people and culture. -The numerous "persian" states through history. Since more "persian" empires are planned for the game (Parthians, Sassanids and Seleucids) i propose that the name of the civ "Persian Empire" change to "Achemenid Empire". Besides i think is more accurate since the empire was more than just the geographical region of persia. Just that a simple name change. It would be less confusing for people who are not very informed in the subject of persia and its different dinasties and states that ruled the region in the ancient times. What do you think?
  2. I just spent around 3 hours on Atlas starting an ambitious Persian map. I love Babylon and all those legendary ancient cities of Middle-East and I am a bit frustrated by the lack of giant towns in 0 A.D. (also because for now I suck in the game and never reach a decent development stage), that's why I'm making what I call a Capital Town. To make it feel even more impressive, I've set it uphill, standing over the desert like a massive fortress. I started this map by heavily modifying the existing map "Saharan Oases". I don't know if this map will end up with a scenario, or at least interesting to have into the game. Anyway, I can't wait to add people inside it. Feedback is welcome ! As you can notice on the bird view, I didn't succeed at having a fade out from the dune material to the rock material. Atlas is mostly new for me.
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