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  1. @Lion.Kanzen I see movement speed of makedon womans was changed? I hope other unit's stats will be rebalanced too
  2. @av93 @Lion.Kanzen Thx alot, i didn't knew about this
  3. Idk, can it be called "gameplay" feature, but I think it's gonna be cool to add some unit info (stats) into the game like it was in wc3 (screen below). This info may not be in in-game hud, may be it can be added in "help"-section. There is not so much websites with info about 0ad and searching in game source code for unit's stats isn't comfortable at all
  4. Thx for answer @stanislas69. But I didn't really get - cavalry fixes it's only in hopes or it planned in future patch? And if it's planned, may be you know, would all cavalry fixed or only skirmisher?
  5. In my opinion this guys so strong while you don't have about 20 -30 soldier citizens. It turns out that there are only one way to win - make 10 skirmishers on horses and rush your opponent and there are no ways to counter it. And I hope that this cavalry unit should be fixed because they so imbalance at start of game. Anyways, I'm a newbie player and may be I don't understand some aspects of this game. If anyone knows how to counter this guys at start of game, please answer me in this thread. Or if u accept my point write here and together we will try to ask wildfire's developers to fix them.
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