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  1. Variation in tech trees? They either block out some paths or they don't. There's no actual thought given to it. They essentially used an rng to decide what gets what. Except for britons being similar to gauls, there isn't much similarity to civs, all play differently. AOE is a great strategy game. No doubt about that. However, civs aren't unique, not as much as 0AD. And I only pointed out the non-uniqueness of civs in aoe, nothing else. You aren't countering my statement, you're just stating another fact. Also, if the pilums were used as one time throws, it doesn't make it a primary. Considering the sword is used for pretty much the entire battle. Heck, I didn't even say that the spear was used more than the sword , quite the opposite tbf. I said " gameplay > realism " . Spearmen aren't totally ineffective, just lesser effective . Spearmen being too effective would render siege useless. And then we can all make a thread called " ArE wE oKaY wItH hOw SpEaRmEn WoRk?". There are just so many things in the game that aren't realistic. Why don't we all make threads for those too? My first post was quite polite, he acted unnecessarily hostile. And the balancing team is comprised of borg, ValihrAnt, etc. Basically the top 1% (in terms of skill) of the community. They can mistakes too, obviously. But considering a24 took 1.5 years to come out, that is very unlikely. Rigorous testing, loophole fishing, you name it the units have undergone all. Like I said, gameplay over realism. Fine tuning units is barely an objective. This thread is meant to solve a problem that doesn't exist. Many things in 0AD are unrealistic, but we don't have threads for that. Reason? It's a strategy game, not a grow your empire and kill the bad guys simulator. Even chess, possibly the most know strategy game doesn't make real life sense. Why can a pawn only move forward? Why does the knight move like that ?, etc. etc. cheers , facts
  2. Why has rating reset in a24? It only shows the 2 1v1s I played in a24 and none of the previous 60 I played in a23. I saw quite a few people with their rating reset but at the same time a lot of people didn't have their rating affected at all. Why is this?
  3. Is the officially released a24 exactly the same as rc3? Or do I have to reinstall to prevent errors? thank you !
  4. After going through the absurdity of your posts, I think my brain automatically filtered out the ____. From a game experience point of view, I don't see how any of it hinders fun for the sake of gameplay in anyway. Have you even played the new alpha? Alpha 24 is officially out too, play it. Is your perfect scenario of 0ad a game where all units are replaced with one singular unit and all civs are essentially a reskin of one another? Check out AOE 2 for that. And coming to realism, first of all, realism is indeed a big part of this project, easily the most historically accurate ancient rts out there, but at no point can realism be a bigger priority than gameplay. Gameplay first, while doing the best to keep it realistic. Also, honestly, I don't see what you fail to understand. A swordsman can outperform a spearman in a 1v1 in real life too (owing to the mobility and the versatility). However, in real life sword wielding required much more skill and were more expensive. Siege received nerfs , mass catapults doesn't even work now , which used to be the ideal-noob-turtling-Roman strategy. Also, capturing has become a better functioning mechanic, a great alternative to siege. And wdym by "notorious" combo. What's the rocket science involved in pairing up two village phase units with great synergy. If it isn't unbalanced, what's wrong with the combo? . "Camels have a weakness???" Wuhaaat! Guess what, every unit has a weakness. And this might blow you away, but according to recent leaks and rumors, every unit has a strength too ( ikr, I couldn't believe by ears). Rams will become unnecessarily underpowered if spearmen ( an ideal trash unit) got too effective at taking it down. It's understandable why you're probably ~800. Unit counters is quite basic and quite intuitive if you click on "learn to play the game"---> "structure tree", then just hover over units. Don't worry, I used to be quite bad too but instead of blaming the system, I tried to understand the system better. Welp, I am still not too good, but I have basic game sense. Rest assured, the game is in great hands and the balancing team did such a great job ( even art and other teams) and fixed unit dancing, the cheapest and least honorable of all techniques I am not even hyped for AOE 4 anymore. As for your last point, I can clearly say you haven't played enough 0AD to start threads about such topics. Not that you're totally wrong about infantry being mostly fodder, but really, launch 0AD more often than once a lifetime .Spec pro games. tl;dr: a24 nerfs siege quite a bit. having spearmen being able to effectively take down siege would make rams a waste of metal.
  5. How is it a distortion that swordsmen deal more damage to siege than pikemen and spearmen? Spearmen and pikemen deal 3X more damage to cavalry, while swordsmen don't. The different damage and armour types make the units more diverse. Also, swordsmen require metal , while spearmen and pikemen don't. Every unit has its own use, diversity is the key. As for your 2nd point, spearmen deal a lot more damage and are faster than pikemen. Perhaps use a mix of swordsmen and spearmen to fight the pikemen? Use lancer cavalry (even skirmish cavalry would work against camels) to micro and fight the camels? Send rams over to his base because this army comp(pike + camel) cannot defend against siege? Nothing (units) is really unbalanced, that I can think of. Archers used to underpowered and slingers op in a23, but a24 has created great balance among the ranged units and pretty much every unit for that matter.
  6. Thank you for rc3. also, does this rc only have bug fixes or gameplay changes too?
  7. I have a small question, will this version( release candidate 2) be compatible with the official alpha 24 when it comes out? Will I be able to join the same lobby and be able to play matches with people who downloaded alpha 24 ( once it is out) or will I have to download alpha 24 separately ?
  8. Goddarnit you're right lol. Thank you for pointing those out, things make sense now.
  9. That is true, but at the same time Celtic structures are weaker. Ptolemaic structures are weaker and take lots of time to build, skiritai commando are very powerful but poor gathering rates , have longer train times and require more resources. Roman siege just seems op w/o any negatives to it. And with the existence of entrenched army camps, siege training gets alot easier ( bypassing fortress costs) . edit: The entrenched army camp is perfectly fine, i am just pointing out that roman siege seems unnecessarily more powerful
  10. I was browsing through the structure tree and I noticed something weird and didn't quite understand why it was that way Roman Rams require 350 wood 200 metal and do 180 crush damage whereas every other civ with access to rams , while costing the same ( 350 w 200 m) does only 150 crush damage Every other stat including health , attack rate, movement speed , train time ,etc was same This seemed a bit imbalanced or maybe I am just missing something . Could someone shed some light? Cheers!
  11. A preset option for 1v1 Rated games where- 1. Map is Balanced Mainland tbf, any balanced map will do. very important in my opinion, maps are often one sided in 1v1. I know there is a mod for this, but most people don't have it and having one extra map which is balanced in an official release would be a cool addition imo. 2. Map size is small and unit count is 200 makes it require more skill because larger maps have so much more resources the game essentially becomes a 2 hour spam fest Lesser resources( ample for 1v1) make every unit killed and trained more significant. This also gets rid of potential late game lag. 3. Starting Resources is low (300) Makes rushing more effective and failed rushes more taxing. This preset is enabled before hosting and it adds the suffix "<game name> || 1v1 facts settings" ( name is just a placeholder, any appropriate name will do). 1v1s are definitive tests for for objectively deciding where a player ranks among the community. This setting cannot be altered once the room is made and will require the host to quit and remake the room and untick "facts settings" ( name subject to change) to be allowed to have their own preferred settings. This in my opinion is ideal for ideal 1v1. This makes it easier for players to know what settings are enabled before joining and creates a standard for 1v1 matches that most professionals ( afaik) use. Also, this prevents cheeky hosts from changing minor settings secretly to trick the other player. Let me know what you think about this mode. cheers !
  12. hi, my name : facts offender's name: miviher He resigned ( the replay says that) in a rated match ( the replay also says rated) but neither did I get any points nor did he lose any points. I think he figured out an exploit( or maybe it was a 0ad error) and managed to resign but not have points taken away. The commands.txt file states "rated" and I am positive it was a rated game before starting but it also says he resigned (upon watching the replay again I noticed). I am quite confused. thank you edit: he hosted the game , felt it was important to share @user1 commands.txt
  13. Hello, story mode hasn't been added yet. The closest thing to a story mode would probably be the scenario maps.
  14. hello, Posting another here again for the 4th time makes me look like an immature kid trying to get his points, but it is very frustrating seeing people exit without resigning. this guy (Lazer27) exited after i rushed him. I resign every time I get rushed or defeated in any other way(7 losses, 2 wins). Why can't I expect the same from others? My ign: facts offender's ign : Lazer27 @user1 thank you commands.txt
  15. Hello; once again a person left a 1v1 without resigning ( People doing this to me for the 3rd time in the last 2 days *sigh*) my ign : facts offender's ign: NicoDiegui @user1 commands.txt
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