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  1. Hello, story mode hasn't been added yet. The closest thing to a story mode would probably be the scenario maps.
  2. hello, Posting another here again for the 4th time makes me look like an immature kid trying to get his points, but it is very frustrating seeing people exit without resigning. this guy (Lazer27) exited after i rushed him. I resign every time I get rushed or defeated in any other way(7 losses, 2 wins). Why can't I expect the same from others? My ign: facts offender's ign : Lazer27 @user1 thank you commands.txt
  3. Hello; once again a person left a 1v1 without resigning ( People doing this to me for the 3rd time in the last 2 days *sigh*) my ign : facts offender's ign: NicoDiegui @user1 commands.txt
  4. hello, My ign is facts Maliks (the offender) quit a 1v1 (without resigning) which I was winning Please look into it and grant me the points i should have gotten edit : forgot to tag user1 @user1 commands.txt
  5. Hello, Today I ( ign: facts) played a game against alpha99. He rushed me at ~14 minutes but lost all his troops in the rush. He lost all of his spearmen and then he said he had to go and then he left (he being the host here) . In the summary it can be seen that he was down to 3 citizens after the failed rush ( 14 minutes into the game) and this caused him to leave the game without resigning. I'd be delighted if you could look into the matter and perhaps get me the points if possible. @user1 commands.txt
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