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  1. I like where this is going. It would certainly improve familiarity for JavaScript developers if we use a more common unit test framework rather than something in-house. I would suggest a few alterations so as to increase the value of the unit test: Run it from the command-line rather than from a browser. This will make it easier to run from Jenkins and extract the results in an automated fashion, and it'll be easier that way for developers to continue to (also) run it as part of "make test". The actual code is not meant to be run inside a web browser, which means trying to make it w
  2. Playing on Greek Acropolis. An epic hour-long 1v1 between the two medium players, iznogood and MadMax. 2019-11-30_0001_iznogood_MadMax.zip
  3. In today's multiplayer test match (r22829) I noticed some shrubbery (bushes) hovering on the map. Map: Hell's Pass (mediterranean biome). According to @elexis it is likely one of these: "grass": "actor|props/flora/grass_soft_large_tall.xml", "grassShort": "actor|props/flora/grass_soft_large.xml", "reeds": "actor|props/flora/reeds_pond_lush_b.xml", "lillies": "actor|props/flora/water_lillies.xml", "rockLarge": "actor|geology/stone_granite_large.xml", "rockMedium": "actor|geology/stone_granite_med.xml", "bushMedium": "actor|pr
  4. Fascinating, I had no idea! This offers a new strategy for me to expand my eco mid-to-late in the game, e.g. when one has sufficient wood and can afford the idle time of building farms. I do think it still stands that early in the game, when given a choice between adding a second unit to a farm vs idling until you have enough wood, that one absolutely should add more units to farms. Combining this with a need to expand population continuously and the speed at which citizens are trained, one should probably only rarely start farms with with less than 4-5 workers. But, that later in the gam
  5. When new players need food, they often go for farming. It is a separate issue that players are not encouraged to pursue more efficient food gathering methods first (e.g. land animals, fruits, and fish). Perhaps that's something the tutorial mode can caution for. For this thread, I'd like to focus on when someone is doing farming, to make sure they are given opportunities to learn the mechanics and understand them. Primary points we want to communicate: A single farm can have multiple citizens work on it (up to five even). The food gathering rate will increase as you
  6. Nice Is there a dev build or source repo with that fix? I checked the git repo, but the last commit there is v1.6.22. Is there a different place I should look? Thanks.
  7. I noticed that the player numbers (and order) is different between the perspective switcher and the overlay. This has confused me at times, should they be the same? On a related note, having team numbers in the overlay would be very useful I think, but.. I would understand if you think it would get too crowded. Just an idea
  8. When installing autociv in addition to fgod, they cause problems for me. There is a red bar across the top, and the rendered cursor appears to be 100px away from where the cursor is actually interacting with the game. Sequence of steps: Install 0AD on macOS. Able to play single-player and multi-player without issue. Install autociv, enable it, start mods (restarts game). Works without issue. Uninstall autociv (discovered fgod, and instructions say to install fgod first). Install fgod mod, enable it, start mods (restarts game). Works without issue. Instal
  9. Note that 0AD now uses Phabricator (also a modern open-source project with repository viewers and pull request functionality). It is installed at https://code.wildfiregames.com/. For an example change request with discussion and continuous integration, see https://code.wildfiregames.com/D157. Phabricator also supports Git, and also has issue tracking and wiki features (currently disabled for 0AD). So if the project will consider Git and/or to migrate away from Trac for whatever reason, I imagine Phabricator would be the obvious choice.
  10. Some names picked from nodes on the Wikipedia link graph, going to or from an 0AD civilization: Xenophon: Xenophon of Athens (431 BC – 354 BC), a Greek mercenary and historian from Athens. Xerxes I: King Xerxes the Great (519 – 465 BC), was a Persian King and Pharaoh of Egypt of the Achaemenid Empire. Xerxes II of Persia Xerxes Canal: The Xerxes Canal was a navigator's canal built by Xerxes the Great (Persian Empire). Xanthos: Xanthus was a city and river in ancient Lycia. Persian Empire 540 BC. Later under Roman and Byzantine rule (c. 42 BC). Located in present-day T
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