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Found 2 results

  1. In yesterdays IRC I mentioned about using jasmine tests for AI development and the topic was considered as maybe of interest to others. So I hereby provide a trimmed-down demonstrator on how a test suite can be set up. The attached zip archive contains a copy of the API3 AI high-level interface with two test cases (one of them discovered the problem discussed here), plus the necessary infrastructure (jasmine 3.6.0 release and driver html page). To execute the test cases, just extract the zip content to some directory and load the common-api/jasmine-runner.html file into a scriptable webbrowser. Said html file is commented to show how the jasmine framework, the API3 under test and the test files interact. Items to consider: For the demo, I used the official jasmine standalone release which contains a version number in its path. In "production use" I rename the directories to get rid of the version number so no changes are needed when upgrading jasmine. It is also possible to execute the unit tests via the SpiderMonkey js shell by loading all of the scripts and running the jasmine bootstrap code. I also managed to connect the jasmine test suite to the JSCover code-coverage measurement tool, but this requires a more complicated setup, i.e. a list of all source and test case js files plus a platform-dependent batch job and a hacked-up JSCover driver js script. I can provide a demonstration if there is interest. Any comments welcome. jasmine-demo.zip
  2. I tried playing around with the AI API3 and set up my own entity template. Thereby I noticed an interesting behavior of the API3.Template.cost() function. I extracted a demonstrator for it: If you execute the following snippet (function (){ var rawTemplate = { "Cost" : { "Resources" : { "food" : 1, //"wood" : 2, "stone" : 0, "metal" : 4 } } }; var fakeSharedAI = { "_templatesModifications" : {} }; var testee = new API3.Template( fakeSharedAI, "someTemplate", rawTemplate); warn("Costs are " + uneval(testee.cost())); })(); in the content of an AI script (e.g. inject it into petras start-up sequence), the 0AD log receives the following entry: Note the NaN in the second property. So it seems template instantiation accepts skipped resource definitions gracefully, but I do not understand the behavior on "stone":0. Am I doing something wrong? I imagined something like "{food:1, stone:0, metal:4}" to build up.
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