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  1. If I was to stop making the mod for this game it would be if I'm dead or working on another game. Only reason I said this is I might take the Unreal Engine 4 and make a game with it.
  2. I'm still working on it it'll take a while since I'm make their weapons and armor form scratch on some of the civilizations.
  3. Spartans also did fine maintenance on their war equipment especially their Xiphos and historian's believe they used their sword almost as much as their spears also the Roman Gladius is the Roman equivalent of a Spartans Xiphos. Also the foundation of the Roman culture was mostly based off of the Spartans. The Romans looked up to the Spartans and Julius Cesar's took most of his head officer's on a vacation to Sparta when he was emperor to watch the Spartan game's.
  4. And the Romans had a specific routine to sharpen and clean their blades before battle.
  5. You're right about that most army's had their officers check their soldiers equipment to see if they were fit for battle.
  6. Also thanks for the images good reference images.
  7. I will probably do all if I can find good art as a reference and their full history so I can read it to make technologies off of their culture and learn their type of military strategy's..
  8. I could also add the Ethiopian Empire.
  9. yeah I seen that the other day but I don't know if I could use his art at the moment since in the forum he seemed a little like he didn't want people using his stuff.
  10. I might just take a week to learn blender so I can make my own Medieval equipment.
  11. Yeah I know but i'm just not good at making my own art and props that's one area i'm not good in and i really want to add Medieval empires in but I don't know where to start in blender.
  12. Also Japanese and China could be easy for me but i would use chin armor for japan since their armor style's are close to each other.
  13. The empires i know I can add on my own without changing much is. North Sea Empire Macedonian Empire Mongol Empire Frankish Empire Egyptian Empire If theirs any others that would be easy please tell me because i'm finished with the Romans.Byzantines and Spartans.
  14. Basically my vision for my mod is to add only empires through history even if its a short lived one . I will not be adding vikings since viking just means raider in their words and any mercenary groups since they would fight for all kinds kings or lords if paid enough.
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