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  1. I posted this on May 1st. The reports were all investigated, luckily, but he's still at large it seems :p People like him are one of the reasons I don't play anymore, I can fight hard to get a good rank and see the same people cheat time after time with no consequences. I appreciate the awesome mods but they aren't going to ban him, @ryuga. As someone who's reported a lot in the past, I think currently it's better to just not report and move on, honestly. EDIT: maybe I was too pessimistic, I'm going to make a separate post about Mativen though
  2. @soshanko and @gator303, don't forget you need to ping the mods so they see I'll ping them here, of course, but just remember to ping in the future if you want to see some of that sweet sweet j u s t i c e @Hannibal_Barca , @user1
  3. @Hannibal_Barca @user1 I assume the chat information is totally destroyed after a match is ended? I haven't seen it in the commands or metadata files Do you guys know if there's any plans to save it in the future? If verifiable, it could be very useful for context around reporting I'd assume
  4. @jodeldi and @Emacz (also darn emacz you shot up the ranks!), you'll have to attach your commands.txt files and ping the mods, or else they can't verify instructions:
  5. fair but when I'm not productive I don't get that sweet sweet dopamine
  6. Same as title. If the data is stored, is it public facing? ie. could I just download a given player's ratings info with curl (not just their current rank, but their previous ones as well)? thanks
  7. I'm struggling to make instant noodles don't tell me I need to acquire a whole friend now
  8. I have a suspicion that this is my big issue. I either don't do this, or when I do I set goals too ambiguous and vague [1]. It's not always cut and dry is my big problem. In your specific case, you break up your goal by making at least one texture a day. I'm trying to make a website for myself (I've done webdev and have started at least 7 personal websites over the past 5 years), but I'm completely lost on how to break it into manageable parts. When I decide "I only really want a very simple single-page site so I might as well just start working away!", I become overwhelmed with stress and lack of direction, as an example. It's crazy how something so simple becomes so... heavy Thanks for the insight lots to consider [1] https://youtu.be/LO1mTELoj6o
  9. be sure to get back to me when you've got it all figured out!
  10. I work, but not too long, come home tired, and want to do something. Programming, art, anything. I get stuck, hit a roadblock. And I just don't commit to much at all. As such, I haven't improved my skills much in years. I have a hundred abandoned projects. I can't get out of bed, what the heck How do y'all stay p r o d u c t i v e ?
  11. do you have any commands.txt files for the matches? I like seeing cheaters get justice lol (it's kinda annoying to search through the files individually, I'm making an external tool that'll make it easier. should be out soonish)
  12. I created the masterthread for that reason, I'd be interested if you guys made it an entire forum for sure. The string in-game makes it seem like there is a subforum for that. "report to RULE-BREAKERS" or something to that effect
  13. so you guys are gonna finally get around to removing the graphics engine? I've been waiting for text prompt based 0 A.D. for years!
  14. @gator303, @KORN don't forget to tag the mods so they can see (I'll tag them below). you also don't need to upload the metadata.json fwiw @Hannibal_Barca @user1 (three untagged reports above)
  15. @Hannibal_Barca @user1 (you need to tag the mods so they can see)
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